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When Life Calls For An Investment Coat I Head Here

London isn’t all posing in coffee shops with £10 lattes and ripped jeans, grabbing a bite to eat at the latest overpriced pop up vendor and flagging cabs. Sometimes there calls a time for horse riding, cooking with an Aga and driving a Range Rover.
Ok, granted, many of these times are actually taking place outside of London. But you might often find yourself somewhere in the middle of these two worlds. Dinner at your friends’ new fancy house? The ones who’ve just got married and are using their new wedding sets? A glass of wine in a top notch bar with your nearest and dearest? Whatever the occasion a good coat will elevate a look.


Whether it’s gold brocade, sophisticated black or even full on embroidery everyone needs to own a posh coat. When thinking about what to add to my ever growing wardrobe I wanted something different from my other coats, something more tailored. I also wanted it in a stand out colour. There’re loads of hot coats around in bright colours like this Lanvin trench and some great cuts (like the classic Burberry mac).


Combining the two (cut and colour) is this stunning Aileen coat from Boden. I love it’s long length and semi-fitted shape -you know I love my clothes nipped at the waist! The collar turns up to expose a gorgeous green neck and it has some super cute reversible back tabs which can be mixed up.


Being a more premium high street store the price on this coat reflects the brand. When investing in a coat treat it as you would any investment piece. You won’t be wearing it in the heat of Summer and a formal coat won’t be worn every day. So buy wisely. One that you’ll really get your use out of and one that’ll stand the test of time will be worth the price tag. For me, a classic and timeless cut and one that will keep me warm in the cold crisp London evenings are the pieces I just have to have.


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Aileen Coat – Boden

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