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AD | Online Self Indulgence: Another Way with EuroCasino

You guys know how life as a modern girl goes. Shop, see your mates, eat good food, explore the city… The list is endless. When it comes round to the festive season, more than likely you’re out shopping for gifts and treating others. With the hoards of people around there’s never as much time to shop for yourself, try on those new heels, find yourself a new bag. Well I’m certainly no different. While my xmas shopping list has expanded significantly this year with new friends and a bigger family, it seems I’m choosing to use those fleeting moments of spare time on myself using the thing I’ve always got with me – my phone!



Waiting to meet…

Whether it’s those 5 minutes spent hanging around waiting for a friend to come or those boring moments spent queuing in the shops, I’ve chosen to spend the time letting loose and (responsibly) playing games with CasinoEuro. I’ve said before that I’m no stranger to online Poker so I love a quick game of Texas Holdem or two! Given what’s going on over the festive season it’s also a fun way to pass those 30 minutes in the cab home.


Christmas shopping…

I’ve almost managed to finish my shopping for this year, hurrah! So as I finish wrapping presents every other day or so I like to have a little look at what games I can play before I get the dinner on. As my times in Vegas has proven I’m quite in to my table games (Blackjack, Poker etc.) so it’s fun having a flick through the slot games and playing some of them for the first time. The Santa slot game is really cool and festive!





Playing games with an online casino like CasinoEuro can be really fun (when played responsibly).

Yes it’s the season of giving but what’s wrong with giving to ourselves – as in a little ‘me time’ online! Plus right now CasinoEuro are hosting a give away to all new registering players, treating one player a day to £1,000 throughout December as an additional bonus.

In fact you might have seen already that they have 200 cabs on the streets of London advertising the £1,000 a day away.



What’s your favourite game?


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