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Olaplex Treatments: why, what, where & when?

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Disclaimer: *This post isn’t sponsored, it’s just really that great!


I’m writing this with a huge bump on my head having had a bookcase land flat on my face earlier today. It’s so sore! If you’re keeping up to date on my IG stories, you’ll have seen that I’ve been adding some bits to the office. It’s really coming together now and I can’t wait to start YouTube!

Anyway, how awful is this weather? I bet your hair is pretty wrecked from the bluster and rain?

As you guys know, last year I went an entire year without having a hair cut. My hair grew and grew and then I decided it was time for a trim and a colour refresh. Surprisingly, it wasn’t in bad condition. But since then, I’ve neglected my hair and haven’t treated it anywhere near as much as I did in that year. So it became really broken and damaged. The ends were horrific (I’m always showing you on Instagram). But that was all before I went for the chop, had an Olaplex salon treatment and have been using Olaplex No.3 at home ever since! I cannot begin to emphasise how much Olaplex has changed my hair!


What Is Olaplex?

You’ve probably heard the word banded around at your local hair salon or by your fashionable mates – it’s the latest must have treatment that even Kim Kardashian has (that’s what she’s using when she has cream over her tight bun). In short, it’s a ‘rebuild’ system, nothing like your typical ‘conditioner‘. In fact it’s not even in the same league as a conditioner, it’s a whole separate process.

It works by actively seeking out broken bonds in the hair and then fixing them. In salon, you can have the initial two steps and then follow up at home with the no.3, (it works better on pre-treated hair). So I went along to see the innnnn-credible Oli at Blue Tit salon (the jewel in the Topshop Oxford Circus crown) and couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.


No.1: Bond Multiplier

This goes to work instantly on rebuilding broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

No.2: Bond Perfecter

Put on after No.1 is rinsed out and then left on for 20 minutes. Time for some fashion mag reading while you wait!

No.3: Hair Perfector

For lasting protection this is where you get involved! Take home and use for a minimum of 10 minutes – or do as I do and sleep in it for truly shiny, glossy hair.


TIP: Olaplex is particularly good if you have bleached hair!

I’ll be sharing more on Blue Tit and my chop very soon in another post.

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  1. I’ve been going very blonde over the last few years (now I am brunette again haha) and I genuinely don’t think my hair would have survived it without Olaplex! LOVE IT!
    x Lisa |

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