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I Caught Up With Hampstead’s Interior Design Studio Of The Moment, NW3 Interiors & Here’s What I Learned…

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Interior Design

Luxury interior design studio, NW3 Interiors, was founded by Carly Madhvani in 2013 to help families and individuals in North London bring modern elegance to their home with the iconic furniture brands that Carly has worked with for her whole career. What started out as a luxury furniture consultancy grew into a full service interior design studio, with a full time designer, Molly Fern, and a select network of craftspeople and architects. Today they work on projects big and small, from helping a client choose a long-coveted Eero Saarinen Tulip Table (and get a killer price on it, thanks to their Knoll Preferred Dealer status) to full-scale renovations with a team of builders.

What do you love most about your job?

Making people feel happy and relaxed instantly when they walk in the door.  It’s what we ask during our initial grilling (joking, consultation) to hear how each individual, couple or family want to feel when they arrive home or when they wake-up.  It includes questions like; how they spend their Sunday afternoons and seating duration at the dining table.  These are elements we consider before proposing our design solutions. It ensures utter glee and home enjoyment. It makes us proud when we hear these sweet words from our happy clients.


What’s been your favourite project to date?


I’m fortunate to have worked on really beautiful local homes. But my favourite work is transforming a large house which is run by a charity.  The long-term residents are there due to a major crisis (e.g. human trafficking) and are in desperate need of support. Our work is firstly to devise a scheme which includes rearranging the layout and secondly creating a colour scheme which promote the feeling of being ‘safe’. Our aim is to raise funds, via the charity I am working with ‘Inspiring Leaders‘ to completely transform the space from ‘institute’ to ‘home’.  We will achieve this by adding dimmable lights, rugs, new furniture and completely redecorating.  I am leaning on my support team of builders and my assistant (thanks Molly) to make a huge difference to a group of young people who have been through so much and deserve an environment which is calm and where they can connect again.

Where have you been that’s impressed you?


We visited a workshop of one of our Partners in Denmark.  Not only was the carpentry and wood craftsmanship really impressive but everywhere we travelled, we appreciated their approach to design. Especially restaurants, hotels and shops in Copenhagen. A real treat in terms of inspiration and ethos! A similar experience in Tokyo, how they create minimal and yet oh-so-practical interiors is absolutely genius. 


Have you always wanted to be in this industry?


Since I finished my art degree I fell into working with iconic design via ‘Knoll’s Largest European Dealer’ called Spacecraft. I began to research and understand the furniture design during the Bauhaus era and really appreciate the difference between factory-made and hand-made.  Real people with a craft excited me and it’s been the same over 20 years later.  I only recommend suppliers who I know and have a relationship with, which my clients can tell.  The packages I pull together are from a place of knowledge and my contacts allow my services to be streamline.
My dad is a builder, so it is in my soul to be making and creating. Piecing together a puzzle and understanding space in 2D and 3D.  I didn’t know I wanted to be in this industry, but it comes naturally to me.

What was your Plan B?


A DJ in Ibiza! That would have been my alternative mission. To make people happy through house music!  


Designing a celebrity’s home; who and why?


Victoria Beckham. For a whole host of reasons.  Firstly, Victoria has impeccable style which appears instantly iconic and together we would make an incredible dream scheme.  Secondly, I know they are a very busy and active family, so smart solutions are imperative to create a home which really works for them and looks super beautiful.  Designing their entertaining space would be so much fun. Surely it’s time to buy in Hampstead, David? It’s the ultimate challenge and I love those.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For luxury interior design inspiration, follow NW3 Interiors on IG @nw3interiorsltd
You can find more interiors content here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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