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Fish Hotel, Dormy House’s Sister Hotel In The Cotswolds: A Well Spent Birthday? Here’s My Review


The Cotswolds has long been one of our favourite UK break-away destinations. There’s something for everyone here. Cream teas (a yes from me), the trees and countryside-feel (more yeses from me) and the chilled-out-on-the-sofa-with-a-glass-of-wine vibes. For kids there are ample things to do and for the hubby, well, the country lanes are a pleasure to drive through and the pubs aren’t half bad.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know we’re regulars at Dormy House. It’s an incredible hotel with one of the best spas I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. The food and wine is also A-class.
The Fish – Cotswolds – United Kingdom - Lounge
The Fish – Cotswolds – United Kingdom - Coach House exterior

Fish Hotel

Dormy’s sister hotel was one that I always wanted to visit – as a family. I had always expected it to cater for those who are coming along with little ones. The fish restaurant had a great reputation and I knew the designs of the rooms would be just as stylish as Dormy.

“You might call us a country hotel, you might call us a collection of quirky hotel houses and huts nestled in a hillside within a 400-acre private estate. You might even call us the gateway to a world of relaxation and outdoor adventure…”


The Fish Hotel – Cotswolds – UK - Big Suite bathroom


There are 63 rooms (8 suites) to choose from. Prices start at £135 per night (expect to pay more after your food and drink add-ons). We got some gorgeous fluffy dressing gowns and slippers although these are just for the comfort of your room. Unlike Dormy House, we wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around in them outdoors.
The rooms  are located along a small hill (the more ‘fun’ accommodation) and other rooms can be found in individual buildings in the grounds. There are 5 huts and 3 treehouses nestled into the woodland. They also have five brand new hideaway huts (too small to accommodate children or cots but great for couples or singles).

The Fish – Cotswolds – United Kingdom - The Conservatory
The Fish – Cotswolds – United Kingdom - Hook restaurant


I rarely visit fish restaurants. Although I do love a good fresh fish dinner sometimes, I’d never normally choose to visit a dedicated fish restaurant. Hook, the hotel’s fish restaurant is a seafood hideaway headed by Chef Martin Burge. The catch of the day include dishes such as griddled octopus with chorizo (none of that please, we’re Jewish) and the menu includes many traditional British favourites.

We opted for the bar instead where we could pull out a pew and gorge ourselves on their famous Mexican food. The taco’s are just to-die-for. The option for children is also pretty great. The restaurant is a designer’s dream with each touch thought-about by interior designer, Hannah Lohan and her nature inspired interiors. Pretty gorgeous if you ask me!
The bar is open from 10:30am – 11:30pm. Room service available, consisting only of home-made pizzas. Mini bar, Nespresso machine and tea making facilities in room.  Breakfast is served 7:30am–10:30am; lunch is available noon till 2:30pm; sit down for dinner 7pm–9:30pm.

The Fish – Cotswolds – United Kingdom - Boaty McBoatface



I didn’t realise until the lovely Kat from food and wellness blog, Brunch n Grind, messaged me that there’s a Screen Room. An actual cinema! If the stunning country walks aren’t enough, there’s also a games room with a pool table and board games. I was also so excited (not that I wanted to run away from my husband and daughter for the sauna or anything) to discover that on Mondays through to Thursdays, guests can book spa days at sister property Dormy House at an extra cost.
There’s a relaxing outdoor terrace with table service where you can chill out with your dessert (or wine/both in my case). Mia loved chilling here and just taking it all in. The hotel is also catered for dogs so you can expect to see a few out and about on their holiday’s! For those who haven’t brought their outdoor gear, there are also a selection of boots for you to borrow. Picnic anyone?



We took Mia along. She was one at the time meaning the cot (for children two and under) was free. Kids aged three and over can stay for £20 a night in either existing or extra beds in Small and Big Suites and Treehouses. Babysitting is available, starting at £15 an hour.


It’s definitely a different vibe to Dormy House. During our Summer 2019 stay, we felt like we were secluded (in a good way) surrounded by almost 400 rolling country Cotsolds acres. If you want to get back to nature, this is the place. There’s a boot room (which is a partnership with the Original Muck Boot Company), a lake and even guests out on their boats. Every detail has been thought about, from the home-grown herb displays to the cleverly placed seats when out on your country walk. Mia could totally run free. There was no worrying about upsetting the other guests too because we barely saw them.


Verdict: 4/4 (lucky we love taco’s and pizza but perhaps consider the food options).


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