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A Natural Skin Detox

I recently learned from a spa brand that lots of people are using the wrong products for their skin – not in terms of those for specific concerns but products that contain harsh, over-active ingredients designed for mature skin. Using the wrong products can affect young skin particularly its natural oil balance and its elasticity thus actually doing more harm than good in the long run. It got me thinking. Most of the skincare I use do include strong ingredients and when combined, are probably way too abrasive on my skin sometimes peeling it back and destroying the less developed layer underneath. On my bathroom shelf you’ll find everything from acid wipes to eye serums, sun protection to scrubs and with a range of chemicals; is it too much? Putting aside my miracle snake serums, peels and blue crystal scrubs I’m going back to natural, organic skincare for a real skin detox. Dr. Hauschka champion holistic skincare with a concept that supports the skins natural activity so it doesn’t try to change anything, it just stabilises it and brings it back to normality. Remember the skin we had when we were about ten? I’d like to go back to that please.

Dr. Hauschka is 100% natural and organic and their knowledge of plants for medicinal purposes is second to none. You’ve probably heard of them before, they do those creams and cleansers that smell amazing and are super soft in texture. It’s sold in the likes of Selfridges and John Lewis etc. I first started using the brand when I was about nineteen after a recommendation from a doctor when I had quite bad skin so you can imagine how soothing it is. They even have their own ‘herb garden’ which is part of their biodynamic cultivation project (is anyone else thinking about The Eden Project right now) so as you can tell, they take their business seriously.

You can find the full list of their products here . My products of choice included the superb Soothing Cleansing Milk 
(£24.50) which I use on face, eyes, neck and décolletage. Buy a trial size for just £4 here. Use alone (as I do) or under the Cleansing Cream (£15.50) for a full on clean. It’s great for dry, sensitive and normal skin. Next up is the Facial Toner (£24.50) which supports the skins natural renewal process. It uses extracts of witch hazel and anthyllis to help invigorate skin, leaving it feeling fresh and revitalised post cleansing. I like to use just a tiny bit before moisturising. You’ve probably already heard of their famous Rose Day Cream (£29.50) which helps to nourish and protect but this time around, I tried the Melissa Day Cream which is designed for combination skin. It calms the oily bits and hydrates the dry bits. For night time, I prefer a lighter texture so my skin can still breathe so this oil free Night Serum (buy a travel size here for just £5)  helps my skin find the balance it needs. Their online consultation will help you with any questions or skin concerns that you may have and will prescribe you the correct skin care from the range. What’s not to love?

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