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My Go-To For Lip Injections (No Needles Necessary)

I recently uploaded an IGTV video showing you guys how I do one particular favourite makeup look of mine which is an exaggerated, puffy lip and neutral (but popping) eyes. After posting, a few of you asked about the lip product I used that creates the ‘just been injected’ effect. Well, it’s something a little less clinical and way less scary.

I don’t have lip injections, instead if I want a puffy cushion lip I use the incredible ‘Lip Injection Extreme by Too Faced’. They come in a variety of shades from clear to my favourite, “Strawberry Kiss”. It can be worn solo, with liner and even over lipstick. I wear mine solo as it’s quite thick and I love the tingling sensation.

What is it?

The Lip Injection Extreme is a plumping lip gloss serum that’s inspired by medically-proven blood vessel dilating technology. Yes, you read that right! The plumping formula promotes a fuller lip appearance from the very first application and continues to work over time. As soon as I put it on I can feel my lips enlarge and become plumper. I love this tinted colour and it’s light-reflecting shine and supreme moisture finish.

Watch the full video HERE.


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