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The Positives I’ve Drawn From Lockdown Experience In London

Lockdown Life

As I sit down to write this post, I’m finding it difficult to know where to start.
Truth is, I’ve family members with friends who’ve passed away having contracted Covid-19 and some of my family have had the virus. At the beginning of lockdown, as pressure began to mount and coupled with existing mental health issues, one of my ex boyfriends took their own life. Many of my friends have lost their jobs as industries begin (and continue) to suffer and I’ve friends struggling financially; impacting not only their lifestyle but where they live and what they eat. Childcare is different, work is different, all angles of life are different now.
So you see, when asked by a lovely follower of mine in an ‘ask me anything’ IG story, “Are there any positives you’ve taken from lockdown?”, I wanted to have a good think and do the response justice because in spite of everything, it’s important to identify the positives where you can.
The fact is, lockdown has changed my life. In the beginning I was so aware of the consequences lockdown could have on my own mental health that I fully prepared myself – and my family – for what lay ahead. I found strength. In doing so, I felt I was able to get ahead of myself and pre-empt down days, feelings of isolation and the overwhelming state of it all. The ‘cope ahead’ skill has had a hugely positive effect on my life and ultimately, helped me survive lockdown.
Secondly, lockdown has illuminated the gratitude I have for life and it’s small, simple pleasures. I’ve a new appreciation for human interaction, an increased value for good health and of course, so much respect for key workers who have kept the country safe and protected. I can feel myself coming out of lockdown way more stronger and resilient than I ever thought I could be. I’m calmer, I’m softer, I’ve slowed down.
Overall, I’ve learned to take nothing for granted and that nothing is ever promised tomorrow. The precious time I’ve spent with my daughter and husband have enabled us to make memories to last a lifetime, without spending any money and without any grand holidays or special days out. I’ll never forget that first taste of coffee in our favourite little local French café and how much I appreciated the privilege of going back there for the first time in months. Life is never going to be the same.

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