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A Modern Day Attitude From Estée Lauder (The Edit)

I recently got invited to a late-night event with Kendall Jenner at Selfridges for the exclusive launch of Estée Lauder’s new range, ‘The Edit’,. So you can imagine my utter disappointment at not being able to make it because I was going on holiday. It’s no secret that I’m Estée’s number one fan – peppered throughout this blog you’ll see them pop up in many beauty posts. I love their Double Wear foundation (like thousands of others) and their fragrance is a reliable scent that will satisfy most.

the edit.

‘The Edit’ is a new range that has been designed to target the modern day busy woman. There’s definitely a younger feel to this launch too. Sprinkled with cool polaroids of Kendall and friends, flavoured with a slogan ‘CALLING ALL BEAUTY JUNKIES’ on supporting media and seasoned with modern-day techie connotations, I knew that my selfie-loving, partying self would be all over it!

“This is a declaration of WHO YOU ARE and who YOU MAKE YOURSELF UP to be”

To begin I first scanned the collection for the ideal, everyday use products that I could easy make a call on. Girls – you know what I mean. We can automatically tell if a foundation is going to be good, if an eyeliner is going to be a waste of money and if a dream product really does offer you the-moon-on-a-stick, as promised.

love at first sight.

Infatuation began with the Mattified Lipstick (£17, in 12 shades). It gives matte coverage in just one swipe. It’s a much more vibrant, edgier shade that I’m used to (hence the name, designed for intense wear) but a refreshing change. You could say I’m a little bit obsessed with The Pore Vanishing Stick (£21) so much so that when I went to buy another, it had sold out! Keep checking though… It’s a handy twist up/twist down stick that you swipe onto areas of concern et voila, minimised pores.

The Flash Illuminator (£22) is another favourite that I use for a strobing effect. I use it on my cheekbones, under eyebrows, lower forehead and above my top lip (cupids bow). It comes in five shades (featured is ‘Spotlight’) and is super blend-able. 

dewy skin.

For a fresh look forget over-moisturising and making skin appear greasy. It’s all about the coverage. This Skin Glowing Balm Makeup with Pink Peony (£26) gives you just that – without thick, heavy foundation and multiple products. It comes in 12 shades. Depending on how you build it up it should be easy to find a colour match. It’s going to be the illustrious product of the Summer. Another ‘edgy’ product comes in the form of the the Blackest Liner (£17). An authentic product that does offer a blacker-than-black line. It’s like a marker pen. The Kohl Shadowstick (£17) is also worth a ‘daytime essential’ tag with it’s 24 hour wear and cool colours, I kind’ve want them all.

hero products.

The stand out products of the collection for me are the Lip Flip Shade Transformers (£15), available in Yellow (Up) and Black (Down), which literally do just that to your lipstick. Naturally, Kendall has even contributed to ‘The Edit’ and put her stamp of approval on the Eyeshadow Palette (£36). It’s the perfect tool for a high impact eye / shimmer look for a night out. With both matte and iridescent finishes, the two transformers shades use a black light technology to cleverly give a glow-in-the-dark effect under a black light.

See, I told you it was modern.


If that’s not enough, I’m also championing the super-cool, Flash Photo Powder (£24) and it’s super powers. The translucent finishing powder actually makes skin reflect light for a luminous complexion – in all lighting. No filter necessary, thank you.

Dissolve The Drama wipes are surprisingly moisturising. In addition you’ve got to try out the beautiful blush (Barest Blush, £20). 

And last but not least we have the incredible Hi Lo Stylo Contour and Highlight (£22). Estée have actually already nailed a contouring palette (you can find it on a previous post here) but this is different. It’s easy to apply, great for popping in a clutch (it’s really not that thick) and you can really go to town (excuse the pun) on building up depth and dimension around the face. By the way, try using this to contour your collar bone too – it’s definitely helped me look more defined. It comes in two shades too so whether you’re dark skinned or light, you’ll benefit.

Well? Have you tried the new Estée Lauder ‘The Edit’ range?

What do you think of it? Comment below x

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