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Is Luxury Skincare Brand La Mer The Best On The Market?

Luxury skincare is something I’ve always invested in and I know I’m not alone. Even as a student I’d work part time to fund my beauty habits! For me, La Mer has always been one of those brands that has instant association with great skin – even supermodel Kate Moss and the Kardashians are loyal customers.
Reviewing La Mer Micellar Water, Moisturising Cool Gel Cream and Lip Balm.

Day 1

On the first day I made the mistake of using far too much Micellar Water (£70) and rubbing hard. After getting some advice, I realised that this is the opposite of what I should have been doing. I presumed that the product is like other Micellar Waters and you’d need a lot but you really don’t. All you need is a small drop to moisten the pad and then gently wipe over the face. It’s like magic; the product does go the distance.
I followed up with the Moisturising Cool Gel Cream (£220). Again, at first I used far too much so I learned that a pea size for each quarter of face is all you need. It used the La Mer Miracle Broth™ (the legendary renewing ingredient that flows through all of La Mer).


The Result

Unlike most skincare that can take up to a week to give you any change, it took only around 3 days for my skin to give a noticeable difference and I have to be honest, the results were incredible. Now my skin looks loved, soothed, cared-for and hydrated. I love that it’s making my skin tone more even every day too, giving me the confidence to go out without foundation. I’d even go as far as to say my skin looks the healthiest it’s ever been thanks to it’s Miracle Broth. Even my husband has commented on how fresh faced I look. My blemishes have disappeared and haven’t come back. Overall I wish I’d found this skincare sooner, it would’ve saved me the time and effort looking for the perfect skincare regime.

Have you tried La Mer?

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One Response

  1. hey,
    I have a teensy little tester of a la mer face moisturiser from a promotion on insta and I do really like it! but, the price kinda puts me off buying it – we’ll see! I think if the full size lasted a long time I would probably buy it. You’ll have to update on how long the full sizes last you 🙂 x

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