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What I’ve Learned In These Past 2 Years Blogging

It’s been two and a bit years now and the blog’s gone from a few hundred followers to hundreds of thousands of viewers every month! It’s been surreal and I’ve learned a lot – from a business, social and creative perspective. Being self employed for the last year and a half has also been a steep learning curve but one that’s also allowed for some much needed flexibility.

1. Vision

It’s crucial to know where you want to take your blog – from branding to content and even the brands you want to work with. The reality is that you CAN be picky, you can turn down work that you don’t feel is beneficial to achieving your goal and YOU are the Editor of your own website. My vision for the blog has changed a few times and right now I’m comfortable and happy with what I’m producing – even if that does mean not working with everything that’s incoming.

2. Patience

A trait I have to work hard at even now. Having a blog and desiring success requires patience. Right now I only work part time on the blog and took a rather large break with only a few uploads every now and then whilst I dealt with pregnancy and post natal depression. I’ve learned to take a step back and not be too invested when there are other things going on which ultimately relieves a lot of pressure. The blog will always be here.



3. Don’t be too harsh

Although editing an Instagram life can be fun, it’s important to remember that it’s not real life. A curated inspiration board should be viewed as purely that. If a picture isn’t 100% perfect, I’ve learned to just not care and just upload anyway. After all, other people don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think they do!

4. Accept help

The blog has grown and with the social media growing too it’s meant more work and more content. So I’ve got an assistant and got some space and I’m ready to accept all the help I can get to keep the blog going!



5. Have fun!

Last but not least I’ve learned that it’s so important to enjoy what I do. Have lots of laughs along the way. I’ve met some great people at various brands and worked on some great projects – even behind the scenes with some brands on work that you won’t see my name on! Don’t be in it for the fame and glory be in it for the love and passion.



Dress – ASOS

Sandals – Pretty Little Thing

Sunglasses – Stella & Dot

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