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I’ve Worn False Eyelashes For 14 Years & Still These Are My Favourites By Far

& Here’s What I’ve Learned

I guess you could say I know a thing or two about false lashes. Whether you’re a fan of fake strips or individual semi permanent lashes, I’ve noticed among friends and family there are usually two camps; those that find them easy to use and those who hate the upkeep and maintenance and stay clear.

My Addiction

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been wearing them for this long. My love affair started when I was 16 years old at school. Although my natural lashes are somewhat long and dark already, the first time I tried them I was hooked. Back then I paid about £3 in Superdrug where the lash aisle consisted of just two or three choices tucked away under makeup brushes. 14 years is a long time to be using lashes and whilst Eyelure has always been my lash brand of choice, there has been the odd occasion where I’ve dabbled with Trish McEvoy, Ardell and No.7. But one thing’s for sure, Eylure are definitely the most reliable and best value.


The lash world has grown significantly. Although I’m sure I’ve spent a small fortune over the years, the effects have been worth it. Long Bambi lashes that flutter and stretch to the sky – whether they’re dramatic or natural looking, I’m obsessed.
That’s the thing with enhancements. When you see a noticeable difference it’s easy to get addicted.
Still to this day I go through stages of wearing them everyday and other times just for special occasions. There’s no denying that eyelashes need a break and subsequently I always know when it’s time to give my lashes a breather but I feel totally naked without them.
For the day time, I love natural looking lashes but something still with a bit of depth. The Enchanted (Lily) lash (right) gives me exactly what I want and helps me ditch the mascara. If I want something with a bit more drama without looking like I’ve caked on the makeup, Enchanted (Jasmine) in the first pic above is great.


For a night out, I love to layer up the natural lashes or to save money (plus time and effort), the ‘Exaggerate’ range are great. These offer a longer lash length with more lashes making them a little thicker than usual (left).
The ‘Definition’ collection (below) is great for those with naturally short and lighter lashes and for people wishing to make them look more prominent. These are particularly more popular among make up artists and celebs and really do emphasis the eyes. I love these with thick black eyeliner and some smokey coloured eyeshadow. Obviously keep lips nude if you’re going for a big eye to avoid looking OTT.
There are plenty of options from Eylure to give exactly what you want. Their ‘Volume’ range is great as they come in a range of thicknesses with a focus on lash volume rather than length. Great if you want a more natural look. For fan girls who love their favourite celeb looks, there are even collaborations with the likes of Cheryl for instance, coming in a variety of styles.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the new ‘Luxe’ range too. A little more expensive (but still I’m talking a few quid) but the quality overall is better. They’re Mink style lashes with high quality finishes and do tend to last a little longer than normal. With all Eylure lashes, they can be worn more than once. What’s not to love?


Have you tried false lashes? Which are your ‘go-to brand? Xx

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4 Responses

  1. I was wearing falsies for so many years, they literally became a part of myself. It just wasn’t fixed in my mind that I can grow my OWN big lashes! :) Although mine looked like a disaster. Firstly I was using the castor oil and it helped, but I am not a big fan of its smell and consistency. So I tried out Cherish Lash mascara and my eyelashes started to look spectacular in just 1 month… I want more and more)) It makes no sense now to wear falsies, excepting hugest ones with some “diamonds” in them, for very special occasions… :)

  2. Love this blog! Mink lashes are a great alternative to the individual ones.but I really need to learn how to do these. But I love the way they look..they look very natural. I cannot wait to add these to my inventory.

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