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Products That I Take On Holiday That Work Well Together

I love a good holiday. Last year I was fortunate to travel to Costa Rica, Rome, Las Vegas, Marrakech, Cornwall, and Venice and this year, well I’m currently in Cornwall and planning a little honeymoon (which is proving tricky now that I’m pregnant). Each time I travel, I always think carefully about what to take – particularly if I’m in a country where things aren’t that easy to come by.
The beauty of a holiday is that you’re more relaxed. You’ve more free time to exude on things you really like which for me, results in more time to spend on my beauty regime. I always like to take an indulgent mask away with me, be it for my hair or face and invest that little bit more on new treatments that require a little more time. Now it may look like a shed load of products but these aren’t used everyday. Here are my holiday bathroom shelfies.


I recently went for an indulgent hair mask and blow dry from the wizards at Schwarzkopf. They used their new BlondMe range, introducing me to a new generation of haircare. It’s safe to say I was converted. Now that I have balayage colouring (a technique used in salons to ‘paint’ the ends of hair) my blonder locks require a little extra TLC. This is especially the case when taking into consideration just how dark my normal hair colour is. The Shampoo and Conditioner have each been specifically designed to fortify the hair and offer nourishment and restoration through Keratin. All the while leaving hair shiny with a more vibrant colour. The bonding mask is to be left on for just 10 minutes and believe me, it’s totally worth the time. I love the way it enhances my hair’s silky smooth potential.


The Cleansers

On holiday I cut back on my makeup. Where possible I forgo foundation and concealer (especially now it’s the run up to my wedding) and make sure I’m keeping skin super clean. After years of using No.7 Eye Makeup Remover I found this fab purse friendly alternative from Nivea. Shake it up, put on some cotton wool and swipe the eye. Removes even the most stubborn of eye makeup and doesn’t leave any redness or oily residue.
I’ve only used the Clinique Pep-Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser twice so far and can already tell a huge difference even with my enraged hormone induced breakouts on my chin and jaw. It has a sand consistency that lathers on the face to remove impurities then deep cleanses to remove stubborn grease and build up. I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in a weeks time using this.
You’ll have seen on my Instagram stories that I’ve been raving so much about this B.Pure Micellar Water. I got it on offer at Superdrug (£4.99 full price) and have been so impressed with it! When I go a day without makeup, I use this before bed and cannot believe the grime that comes off my skin. It’s beyond sensitive too. Despite many of you asking, no I’m not getting paid to say that! It really is just that good!

The Treatments

Every holiday deserves a little mind R&R and so does the face. This trip I’ve brought along a few goodies from my favourite luxury skincare brand, Guinot. Famed for keeping older skin looking younger, I can’t get enough of their products. Like with many brands some products work better than others like this Perfect Radiance Exfoliating Cream. Priced at £32.50 it’s a truly indulgent product to be used once or twice a week, even in tandem with the Clinique cleanser above. It’s creamy texture leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised.
For added moisture, I’ve brought along the Instant Comfort Mask to use once a week. Immediately you can feel the product getting to work. Leave on for ten minutes and remove with a damp cotton wool. It left my skin so soft I even recommended it to Daniel.
For the lips, many lip balms do the trick but if you’re looking for something that little extra special, this Lip Balm (reduced to just £8 at SecretSales) takes away my awful purpleness and leaves my lips fuller, softer and hydrated.


Face, Eye & Neck Moisturisers

I’ve been using Clinique Moisture Surge for almost two weeks now and love how gentle it is even on my sensitive skin. Since being pregnant, my skin has been all over the place but this has somehow managed to bring it back to an even balance with every application. It’s light and comfortable so I wear it alone without foundation.
Probably my most expensive cream at the moment the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Eye Cream. With baby moving around and tingling legs, I don’t get much deep sleep so this is a godsend for dark eyes and rejuvenation. It uses new ‘Gold Orchid Technology’ to brighten and resurface the delicate eye area. You only need a tiny bit – mine’s still half full and I’ve had it since before Christmas.
At £95, this Omorovicza Firming Neck cream (see full review here) is an investment for someone of my age. As my skin ages, natural sagging occurs meaning I need an industrial strength cream to tighten, firm and plump the area. This is an anti-aging hero product in my bag that I’d recommend to anyone who sees there neck as an area of concern.


What’s in your holiday skincare bag? Xx

Psst… did you know that I’m expecting a baby this September? Read all about it on my new second blog, and follow on Instagram @LittleInTheCity

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