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Stationer Of The Moment | Dimitria Jordan

Thud! The latest copy of GQ Style lands on my desk. Argh, it looks amazing! These moments of anticipation, excitement and joy are a regular occurrence in my day job. I utterly love it when a new copy comes my way. Working at Condé Nast means I get that pleasure of pouring over the latest issue of GQ, Vogue, Glamour etc on a monthly basis. Now we all know that familiar, delightful feeling when we get a fresh magazine… that print smell, the stunning photography to devour, ugh even the quality of that silver foiled GQ Style logo. Anyone who is anyone will be cancelling plans and planning a night curled up under a throw with a cup of tea and a cosy jumper to feast on the glossy pages. Call me old fashioned but online aside, cut me open and magazines will fall out; I’m absolutely a mag girl through and through. Quality, luxury magazines (particularly in Autumn) are my absolute guilty pleasure but I’m very particular. They have to be well designed, look fantastic and of a high quality GSM (paper stock). This obsession and the stipulations continues through to other paper products in my life; my notebooks (Paper Rifle Company), diaries (Aspinal of London) and today, even my wedding invitations.

When people say “I don’t see the point in spending lots on invitations, people only throw them in the bin…”, I cringe. For me, an invite should be something that provokes an emotion. Enthusiasm, suspicion and curiosity over a theme. Excitement, enjoyment and an urge to go out and buy a new outfit. For me, an invite to a special event is a keepsake, something to treasure and remember. For my engagement party, I didn’t want to detract from my wedding stationary but I also wanted something that made me feel the way I do about reading the new issue of Vogue. 

‘I didn’t want to detract from my wedding stationary but I also wanted something that made me feel the way I do about reading the new issue of Vogue’

When I came across Dimitria Jordan’s website, I was impressed at how different her ‘Studio Collections’ themes were. I’d recently ordered a sample pack from Smythson and found they were all lovely but actually all a bit too formal for an intimate gathering at an engagement party. I missed that beautiful scroll handwriting-type font, the dramatic colour combinations and pretty prints. Dimitria Jordan offers all of this and more.

Dimitria Jordan’s Studio Collection Options

After a quick flick (translation, an hour) of looking at all her different designs, I stumbled across the ‘Bespoke’ section.  The bespoke service is available in two packages (see here) and means you can work with Dimitria herself for some for some incredible, memorable and tailored stationary. 

For Dan and I, we wanted something minimal for engagement party. We were having 70 guests with a team of caterers on hand to serve a variety of 10 delicious canapés (which among other things included salt beef and bagels for that Jewish touch) and drinks. There was also a saxophone player and guitarist on hand for entertainment so Daniel and I wanted something quite glam. We opted for a beautiful black and white invite on pearlised card and a black envelope with gold addresses. Dimitria even created us a little D & L crest (matched our three foot tall balloons perfectly!).
Dimitria Jordan also offers a stunning ‘Guestcards’  which can be used by guests to offer their advice/best wishes/comments etc for the future couple. We decided to save ours for the wedding!

Interview with Dimitria Jordan

Dimitria Jordan graduated with a graphic design degree in 2007 and eventually decided to set up by herself. At the age of 25, ‘Love Faith and Hope’, a design-led greeting card and stationery business was launched and Dimi’s heart was always in wedding stationary. Wanting to focus solely on a truly personal wedding stationery service, ‘Dimitria Jordan’ was born.
Q. When you decided to launch a career in stationery/greeting cards, what inspired you? 
I’ve always loved paper goods, and gravitated towards greeting cards, which then led to wedding stationery. After my A-levels I did a Foundation Course in Art & Design at college, followed by a Design and Art Direction degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. University did help me – I learnt about different areas of design, colour, typography and trend research.
Q. Do you work from home? If so, how do you strike that work/life balance?
I do work from home. I strike the balance by being extremely disciplined with a routine, and starting early every day when I feel the most productive. Each day I will have a to-do list and won’t finish until everything is complete and the next days list is written (I love lists!) I will then enjoy the evening and relax, whether that’s cooking a nice meal or meeting up with family or friends.
Q. Where can we buy your beautiful cards and what inspires you to create the designs?
My wedding stationery can all be bought from my website –’m inspired by anything and everything around me. The smallest detail or colour can spark an idea for a collection… I’m a big fan of typography, and looking at books on vintage type inspires me. The most important aspect of design for me is typography, so I take a lot of time choosing fonts for every collection. I think a bad font can ruin an amazing design!
Q. Are there any designers that you admire? 
I admire Kelly Hoppen. I love her clean, modern and elegant style and how she has taken her talent and business global. I believe in ‘less is more’, which often can be so difficult to achieve well.
Q. What advice would you give to those wanting to set up their own company and what advice would you give to other wedding businesses who are just starting out?
Be clear on every aspect of the business and have clear objectives and plans of what you want to achieve and do. Do your research and from a design point of view, make sure all your branding remains consistent and reflects the business. Believe in yourself and your talent. Be passionate, keep motivated towards your goals and immerse yourself within the industry.
Q. If you weren’t designing beautiful stationery, what would have been your Plan B?
I would definitely be in the creative industry as either a packaging designer or interior designer – I have always loved these areas of design.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about wedding stationary, you can email or call 0203 239 5398.

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What do you think about Dimitria Jordan? How do you decide on your stationary? Comment below.

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