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How To Get Instant Glossy Locks With Using Just This One Incredible Product

When I stand in front of my mirror, wet hair, expending all my energy trying to get a brush through it, I often wonder why it’s so wild and frizzy. If you follow me on Snapchat (LaurenSITC) or watch my Instagram stories, you might have come across a pic or two of me sans hair products. It’s shocking, kind of like wire wool… Perhaps it’s from someone way back in my ancestry with horse like hair? Or perhaps I’ve broken it with heat? Am I not eating enough avocado’s?

The Lifesaver

One thing’s a given.
Hair like this needs a good hair oil that doesn’t leave it greasy and wet looking. It needs to keep my hair strong, sleek and manage those dry ends without oiling up my roots. I’ve tried so many in my time. From super expensive products right through to good old Olive oil from my kitchen cupboard and honestly, nothing has been as good as the Sassoon Professional Illuminating Oil, (£28).
It really is money well spent because just one of these bottles can last me up to six months. It contains Vitamin E that not only helps nourish the hair but also protects hair from breakage and protein loss.
It’s designed to help the keratin in hair to reconstruct leaving you with shiny, strong and manageable locks. If you’ve coloured hair, even better because it really helps keep your colour vibrant for longer. Whenever I use this on my towel dried hair, the brush glides through much more easily and makes blow drying a doddle.
To apply, all you need is one pump in the palm of your hand (two if you’ve longer hair), then rub together and smooth over the ends of hair. I take it up to the middle of my length just because my hair is a little dryer – so if you’ve fine or straight hair, just do the ends.
The result is sleeker, more polished hair with a reduction in the appearance of split ends. It doesn’t build up like some products and when brushed through leaves hair illuminated – not greasy and dull like others.


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Have you tried Sassoon Illuminating Oil or anything else from the Sassoon range? Xx

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