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How To Quickly Energise Tired Hair On A Busy Day

Starting With The Wash

There’s one particular day of the week where my alarm bellows early in the morning. I’ll get ready, grab my bag and head for a workout. After a shower I’ll head to the tube. An hour later, I’m be at my desk for 8.45am. Lunch time will be consumed with admin or some kind of reading (loving ‘Girl On A Train’ right now) and after a productive day, I’ll do the other hour commute back. There I’ll grab my books and head off for two and a half hours of Hebrew and night school. Phew! By midnight I’ll be in bed and I won’t have stopped literally all day.

TIGI’s Bed Head understand the needs of someone who works hard and definitely plays hard. They know that people need a quick de-tangler and something to smooth cuticles in the polluted city.

Designed to re-energise tired hair and offer a boost of strength, TIGI’s re-energising shampoo quickly cleanse locks while restoring colour and adding moisture. After just one wash (no time for two) I applied the conditioner. It’s a light conditioner that’s great at giving hair what it needs without the 15 minute wait. 

Overall they’re great at doing what it says on the tin. I do need to supplement with a mask every few days though as my hair is literally a dry wire mess by nature but this is great when you’re short on time – like on those particularly busy days.

Buy TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-Energize Shampoo & Conditioner Tween Duo (2 x 750ml) in a pack for just £19.95 (usually £47) from

What beauty products do you recommend using on a busy day? 

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