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AD | Review Of The £670 Skincare That Reinvented My Skin

& Why It’s Worth Considering


If you’ve noticed that I haven’t wrote about skincare for a while, it’s because for the past (almost) two months I’ve been trialling a skincare range behind closed doors. It’s from experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr Kazem. He’s been developing his brand ‘Nefera’ for over ten years now. You may have heard of him already. His extensive experience, knowledge and high-quality results particularly in the Netherlands and abroad has been well documented. He was even the first to introduce ‘Coolsculpting’ technology – you know, the system in many salons that eliminates fat cells through cooling. So when you hear about his profile and his dedication to perfecting, you can already imagine that this skincare is going to really make you your best yet. Priced at almost 800 Euro (that’s about £670) you know you’re going to notice a huge difference in your skin.

So what is it?

Lots of skincare brands look to nature for untouched secrets that will unlock the true meaning of beauty. From Dr Kazem’s search for the world’s most luxurious formulations, exploring science from the deep ocean, the all natural pollachius peptide ‘Nefera’ is now used to offer skin regeneration.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m big on skincare. I’ll invest enormously in the right product. I’ve slight scarring from my on-off periods of bad skin as a teenager and adult acne once or twice in my twenties and consequently have investigated a lot of options. From harsh micro dermabrasion’s to scrubs and creams, I’m always left with a few here and there. So I crave a product that does in fact offer total skin regeneration from the inner cell level to restore my usual, well looked after skin.

Many brands claim to restore and renew skin’s natural collagen but I find many don’t.
Nefera does.

What Makes It So Special?

Nefera is the main ingredient. It’s a unique peptide derived from the ocean and has a very potent celregeneratie effect. It is ten times more effective than placenta extract. Many brands will use the tiniest, minimum level of this type of active ingredient just to claim that they have it but this skincare uses a concentration (plus other added actives) at absolute optimal maximum levels. With Nano technology (the actives are encapsulated in special microsomes), this helps to facilitate 96% total penetration through the skin layers so the work is getting done where it needs to – at cellular levels. Overall, the products also have a calming effect on the skin as well as regulating sebum (reducing the shiny effect of oily skin in particular).
The product itself comes in three parts; day, evening and a serum to wear both times. They come in some hi-tech airless dosage dispensing pens, to make sure there is no spilling (the price!!). Additionally, it makes it easier to work out how much to use. Only 3-4 pearls is enough for the whole face and neck. I actually found that when you’ve been using it for a long duration, you actually only need about 2-3. One pen normally lasts around 4-6 weeks and it’s easy to throw in your bag when travelling.


The Products

Kazem Skincare is considered a break through in the world of anti-aging. As it’s founded by an aesthetic plastic surgeon, you know it’s going to be a well thought out concept and that each product is going to work hard. The NEFERA™ Limited Edition set that I’ve been trialling includes three core treatment products:

  • 2 x 10ml Day Cream
  • 2 x 10ml Night Cream
  • 1 x 10ml Lifting Serum

The limited edition set is 800 Euro (around £670) and is designed to offer a neat series for noticeable results. I noticed a difference on about day 4 and people starting commenting soon after. A day later when on a Pure Balance Retreat, my friend commented that my skin was looking clearer than the last time we’d met.
The skincare system has been designed to ultimately balance, hydrate and rejuvenate skin. This isn’t a standard moisturiser, it’s a product that’s been designed for a specific concern. By fortifying the skin’s resilience, it truly gives you better, well deserved skin.

Day Cream: Rejuvenate & Protect
Super light weight and absorbs instantly without film. Works to instantly transport Nefera into the most inner cells. It renews natural collagen to give visibly different, more improved skin. All by firming and minimising the look of wrinkles, moisturising, preventing water loss and building the skin’s resistance to stress.

Night Cream: Heal & Restore

Focuses on the skin’s natural recovery. It recovers the elasticity and natural ‘fresh’ look that time’s inevitably taken. With highly potent peptides and amino acids it enhances skin’s recovery overnight helping you wake up to clearer, brighter skin.

Lifting Serum: Fill & Tighten

Even more powerful than the other treatments. Used under both creams, it fills lines and offers a more sleek, smooth complexion. It reduces lines, lifts and nourishes skin.


Limited Edition Nefera Set (800 Euro, £670)

Buy the Nefera products individually:

For me to admit that a product has noticeable difference is a truly a big deal for me. Over the years so many products have claimed to do this and that and whilst many offer some changes, Nefera has by far exceeded my expectations and offered noticeable improvements in a short space of time. If anyone is considering investing in this, it’s worth it. Always bear in mind that a balanced diet and sufficient hydration throughout the day will always aid the process. You can check Nefera out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.



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