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AD | How To Win An Entire Maison Margiela REPLICA Collection Right Here

To Win An Entire New Set Worth £345


You know how fragrance has that magical way of taking you back in time? How it helps you to vividly relive a memory?
The first fragrance that you invested in. A time spent at University, a first date which led to a two year relationship. Maybe even a smell that you’d rather forget because it reminds you too much of that break up. Even homely smells. Musky, spicy, seasonal. The scent of your glamorous late Grandmother getting ready for her dinner and cocktails with the girls. A good scent can captivate feelings from before and evoke an emotional connection to a memory. You’re literally throwing yourself back into the moment.
What’s interesting is that certain scenarios and generic memories can be often categorised into specific fragrant notes and bases. That drive you took in the sports convertible, that day you walked bare foot up a grassy hill, the time you felt the sea breeze through your hair in Costa Rica. There are certain elements that can be found and bottled, each reminiscent of said environment.

So What Makes Maison Margiela Replica So Special?

Many people know the Parisian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. My fiancé Dan is a huge fan of the footwear and whilst they’ve some insane Haute Couture pieces, the fragrance is not to be ignored. They launched a clothing and accessories line a while ago names ‘Replica’ so it was only natural that a fragrance concept would follow suit. Intended to evoke the scents and emotions even those suppressed way down in our memories, the fragrances depict a moment in our lives that we’ve all experienced at one point or another.
Each fragrance (£85) combines a variety of notes to take you back to a place. A place of serenity and peace. Whether it’s that lazy Sunday morning, warm and cosy under the sheets; a walk along the ocean front or even a calming tea. Each fragrance, dearly named after each carefree moment will remind you of that feeling.

The Bottles

You’ll notice each of the chic bottles are similar, easily identifiable. I spotted them from a distance when moseying around Selfridges and couldn’t wait to try every single one in the collection. With their cotton label and rope around the pump, there’s a big nod to the Replica couture line. They look great on the dressing table too.

My favourite of the olfactive fragrances evokes hints of ocean spray and “captures the carefree bliss of a summer day”. It’s the ‘Beach Walk’, one of their most popular and one that’s often quickly sold out at Selfridges.

The Filters

There are also a set of innovative oil-based fragrance ‘filters’ (£45) that nourishes the skin. Heavier than the fragrance (oil based remember), you can combine with the ‘Replica’ Eau de Toilette collection to create personalised olfactive signature scents.
‘Glow’ is super luxury and smells amazing even on its own. The ‘Blur’ Filter softens and envelops olfactive memories with a delicate, ethereal embrace. It has that sensual softness of cotton and white musk with gray amber accords. Once blended with the fragrance collection, it creates a calm and intimate perspective.

To Win

To be in with a chance to win the entire set featured above, (3 x fragrances and 2 x filters worth £345) all you have to do is retweet the tweet that’s just been sent out on Twitter with the hashtag #Smellslikememories OR regram this image on Instagram.
Winner will be chosen just before Christmas.
Good luck!

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