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How I’m Simplifying My Life In 4 Quick & Easy Steps


Thanks so much to those who sent kind messages about my last post ‘A Day In The Life Of’. Having such a small ‘work time’ window each week means I really have to be organised and nail my work afternoon’s agenda before I get going.

Utilising every second of those precious few hours requires skill, a skill that I’m still developing. The key is simplifying. Keep it simple, keep it easy and keep it quick.


Mental Clarity

I fantasise and over-think. Ten minutes before I was due to work today, I was thinking about how different life was a couple of hundred years ago. A time where people were ecstatic that a boat would be coming in with this exotic thing called, coffee. Coffee! How exciting! And tobacco, ‘what even IS this?’ I bet they’d cry. See, I told you, my imagination is way too over active for my own good!

So before I kick off some work, it’s important to clear my mind. I can’t recommend the Headspace app enough – just 3 minutes of guided meditation and those boats are a distant memory.

Hour Blocking

Giving myself deadlines throughout the day means I’m less likely to procrastinate and less likely to compare and despair on social media. Try hour blocking, or even 30 minute blocking. Just write down in bullet points what you need to achieve in your allotted time and then section it into 30 mins/1 hr blocks. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.


Keep It Chic

Remember my post on 5 Rules To Living The Chic Life? Well, the concept of minimising still applies. Clear your space, don’t have 2 diaries, a notebook and that fancy Smythson book open, instead keep it to just one notepad of plain paper. If cooking, don’t have junk out everywhere. It sounds like common sense but it does take a new habit to get in to the swing of minimising as you go.


Read More

This past year I’ve really got in to reading again. For me, reading is a way to consider new ways, change things that aren’t working, try new processes. I love psychology books and anything that just helps me with mindfulness and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff.




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2 Responses

  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of hour blocking! I make lots of daily goals, but not setting a concrete time deadline for them often means I get around to doing them at 9pm when I’m starting to nod off (yes, I’m an early sleeper lol). Setting mid-day or pre-dinner deadlines would help me loads! Thanks for sharing, love! Also, you look so fab in your stripey dress Xx
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