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5 Ways To Live Chic

 Life doesn’t have to be full of excess, and getting rid of nearly all my clothes and shoes was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I felt like I’d been hoarding junk. With a cleaner lifestyle came a better mood and a better mindset and this transcended into a better wardrobe. I’ve even started condensing in my home.




Be Understanding

Rule 1: Know that slow shifts are more sustainable than radical change so don’t be in a mad rush. One or two tasks a day are all you need to get started in reducing your clutter. Careful with the volume of things you’re decluttering too. I went a little overboard and had to replace a few things (you do need some clothes).


Be Explorative

Rule 2: Does this match my goal? When I started eating better my goal was to improve my health. I felt better physically so looked to improve my mental health. I got rid of old novels and replaced them with inspiring books; some self-improvement, some written by Doctors and some science/research books. The reading side of things had such an impact! I went on to organise my kitchen and noted what colours I wear most of. Seek inspiration from Pinterest and magazines to find  styles you like and a goal that’s attainable.



The Marketing Trap

Rule 3: Know that the world is full of cheap products and everyone wants your money. From McDonald’s to microwave meals, mass produced wine to chemical packed bubble bath, even our jewellery and clothing made by kids in sweat shops. My degree in Marketing taught me how to sell to consumers and my experience in magazine advertising taught me how campaigns are executed to make millions of pounds worth of profit. So I know what’s worthless to me in the long term and what’s valuable and I’m mindful of everything that I buy. Often holiday souvenirs are better in a photo rather than on my mantlepiece.


Save Your Money

Rule 4: Be frugal. A chic lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s about your aura, your essence, your gracefulness. It’s important to me and my family to be charitable. I’d feel guilty buying a designer bag without donating to charity and even when I buy a £5 cookbook I feel inclined to donate to an organisation that look after people who can’t eat like we can. In the last few years I’ve cut back on buying excessively and instead of hoarding a multitude of colours and clothes, I’ve decided to make what I own work hard. So I buy basics like a stripe top, good pair of jeans, things that will go with everything. There’s something to be said about an honest minimalist way of living.


Seek More

Rule 5: Know that it’s a journey not a destination. A chic lifestyle doesn’t end when you have a new bag. I don’t have an end point in mind; instead the calmness and serenity it brings has allowed me to focus on new hobbies and interests that really give me pleasure. The simple task of sailing a boat out on a Summers day and relaxing on the calm water, the luxurious pleasure of reading a chapter of someone’s PHD research in the park while my baby sleeps. Reducing all the noise and just enjoying the simple life.



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