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Last year Millennial Pink became a ‘thing’. Whilst the jury’s out on what exact colour it is (for me it’s varying tones of pastel pinks), one thing’s for sure. We haven’t seen the last of pink. There are many ‘grown up’ ways to wear pink this year – it isn’t just reserved for Millennials…. Our accessories, in our hair, even our shoes. Think less princess, fairy and sparkle but more Gucci, Marni and Céline.



Situation Appropriate

For the office keep your pink sleek and structured. Think pencil skirts, simple ankle boots even t-shirts tucked in (if they allow). I save my big chunky cardi’s and embellished heels for the weekend.


When steering away from pastels and choosing more vibrant pinks, pair with denim, black or white. It’ll give a more on trend feel rather than a mish-mash of colour and make even the less mature of women look classic.


Knits, t-shirts and blazers – make everything oversized in this shade. The pink fashion is all about oversizing! It’s not about emphasising your femininity.


When In Doubt

There’s no denying that pink is over powering. If you want to give a nod to the trend without going full throttle, consider some of the amazing accessories that you can get right now. Don’t forget too it’s not just about clothes, homeware and interior design is also having a pink moment.

Block Colour

For me it’s all about the blocks of pink on an outfit. Like this balloon sleeved cardigan that I’m wearing. Either that or I’m wearing pink accents like my heels (now just £29 reduced from £140). I’m not the biggest fan of pink prints and patterns.

Key Pieces

I’ve invested in heels, a cardigan, a coat and a dress – all pink. Whilst I won’t wear them all at once, it’s refreshing to have one item I can wear a week that gives a heads up to the pink trend.

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