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How ‘The Frankie Shop’ Is Encouraging Repeat Outfits

By Lauren Silvester

If you’re ‘in the know’ about The Frankie Shop then you’ll probably remember the first piece of clothing that drew you to the brand. For me it was a gorgeous dress in faux leather that I knew I just had to have. Easy to wear, goes with anything and well, a mamma like me needs easy, throw-on outfits these days! A year later and the cult brand are peppered throughout some of my favourite Instagram accounts, blogs and websites, with influencers raving over the American store. You’ve probably heard about this sell-out Teddy quilted jacket? I tried for ages to get hold of the green one back in September. It’s minimal and unfussy. I love it. It seems like lots of high street stores are taking inspiration from Frankie Shop (here’s looking at you H&M).

So, what’s so special about The Frankie Shop? Why the faithful cult following? Well to start with, it’s iconic. Just like you can spot an iconic Cult Gaia piece from 10 feet away, you recognise a ‘Frankie Shop’ piece without having to ask. Modern and sartorial yet slouchy and comfortable, it’s a minimalist’s dream.

“Modern and sartorial yet slouchy and comfortable, it’s a minimalist’s dream…”

For the price point you’d absolutely expect amazing quality, and I’m not talking about it lasting just one or two seasons. These are crafted to last. So I don’t mind spending a lot to get years out of their blazers and knits (no that’s not me justifying a new top, honest). It feels like the modern day version of ‘The Kooples’ or a higher end version of Gap. Essentially, their intention is to give you basics, but levelled up. They’re easily mixed and matched and useful for layering, so you can repeat wear over and over.

So if you’re looking to make your wardrobe a little more edgy, more updated and more fashionable this Autumn/Winter, try The Frankie Shop. Here’s what I’m obsessed with:

Shop My Wardrobe

*Available online, at Net-A-Porter, Selfridges, Farfetch and My Theresa.

Check out their Instagram @thefrankieshop

by Lauren Silvester

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