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This Organic Italian Uses Local Danish Produce To Create A Fine Dining Experience In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a total foodie haven.It can be relatively healthy too so it’s the perfect place to fill your proverbial boots! Not only is it renowned for its huge food hall (more on that later) and the trendy meat packing district but they’ve also seen a rise in the number of vegans which has really influenced the dining scene. Don’t worry though, there’s still the incredibly meaty Warpigs and lots of other yummy places for us carnivores! Copenhagen is quite the culinary adventure and the local small businesses are where it’s at. As proven inside organic urban trattoria, Tèrra.


Now you guys know how much I love my food. When I’m away I take great pleasure in finding an exquisite restaurant. It’s often the highlight of my trip so in Copenhagen I was on the lookout for a dining experience that would really surprise us, one that was truly something a little bit different.

Tèrra is an authentic Italian with a modern, Danish twist. The ingredients are sourced locally and everything arrives wonderfully fresh on the plate, as if the best of the best produce has been used. It’s also organic, a total win for me. The owners (both Italian) left Rome for Copenhagen and it’s safe to say they’ve really outdone themselves blending the two cultures together. The vibe is completely Italian but you still feel like you’re in Copenhagen. It’s like eating a future take on traditional Italian dishes

It’s situated on a gorgeous little street with cute little outdoor seating areas. Inside the atmosphere is relaxed, calm and it really is all about the food. On approach you can already smell the fresh ingredients cooking, making your mouth water. As you walk in you’re greeted with the kitchen on full show – but not in the London pretentious way. It’s not boastful or intruding. They try to be a zero food waste restaurant so whenever there are leftovers in the kitchen, they’re reused or put in their compost for growing more aromatic herbs and seasonal plants.

“If you love trying lots of different flavours, flavours infused together in a way that you’ve never considered, then this is for you”.


 The restaurant is about flavour, presentation and the excitement of food. There’s a sense of respect for food and the owners are completely passionate about sustainability and what they’re trying to create. The wine is also great. Like really great. It’s also organic and locally sourced. Meals are created with the waistline in mind and a consciousness of nutrition, wellbeing and diet is evident throughout. But it’s not all about salads and health because you can still find a beautiful selection of artisan fresh pasta. The bread for oil dipping is some of the best I’ve ever tasted!



It’s all about taking it easy and working your way through the courses with conversation, laughs and warmth. We enjoyed a window table and did lots of people watching. It’s amazing watching the world go by from the comfort of Tèrra.

We enjoyed a 5 course tasting menu with palate cleanser (veggie options also available) costing 615 dkk per person (about £75). Of course we also added the wine pairing for each dish (495 dkk, about £60). For a further 175 dkk (£22) you can add the additional biodynamic cheese tasting + vermouth

the tasting menu:

welcome snack

5 servings (4 salty dishes + dessert)

Tèrra Palate cleanser (cocktail shots to clean the palate )



what we ate:

We began with an incredible mushroom snack and then moved to the fresh seasonal lamb tartar with chanterelles mushrooms and rosemary. Normally I find tartars are lacking in flavour but this was exceptional. Next we also enjoyed a succulent veal tongue that was gently cooked in milk, with kale and pumpkin purée. It was equal parts rich and tasty. Then there was the colourful cardinali pasta with a delicious beef gravy paired with a full bodied glass of organic red wine. The flavours were intense and it was an all round pleasing modern take on an Italian classic.

To finish we enjoyed the chef’s interpretation of another Italian classic (that also happens to be my favourite dessert), the Tiramisu. Now I have a reputation for enjoying a drop of the old vino a bit too much and the flavour did not disappoint. It was creamy, spongey, crunchy and dry all at the same time. A complete kaleidoscope of tastes for the senses.



I urge anyone who is visiting Copenhagen to check out Tèrra and I want to say a huge thank you to them for our most favourite meal of the entire trip. It was an experience I am never going to forget and a place I hope to return to soon.

Organic Urban Trattoria, wine & cocktail bar | 100% Italian
est. 2017


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