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Editor’s Letter: Hello After Almost One Year & Let’s Discuss The Relaunch!

WOW, WHAT A YEAR! Hello everyone and gosh, 2021! I’ve had almost one whole year away from the blog and routinely posting on social media for my maternity leave with my second baby, Francesca. It’s been the best and the most challenging time all wrapped into one!

Coming away from Instagram, Facebook, online shops (no, really) and the blog has really been a breath of fresh air. It’s given me enormous mental clarity and cleared so much space that was otherwise consumed with online distractions. In its place has been feeding, nappies, walks, cuddles and lots of arts and crafts with the two girls. Bliss!


It feels different coming back online. As I put together some of the posts that you’ll find on here today (an example of what’s to come next year) it made me realise how unnecessary a lot of stuff is. I had a quick look on ASOS; 4,687 results for a pair of jeans! Did I really spend time going through those before baby number two? I had a quick look on Selfridges… pages and pages dedicated to Christmas gifts but what seemed to be everything that they already sell, just decorated as “CHRISTMAS!”. As a consumer I’m absolutely seeing things differently.

Which brings me on to the blog. As a blogger, I used to write about quick buys, things that you NEED. But let’s be fair. You don’t need anything. So long as you’ve a decent pair of trousers, a dress, nice trainers and some boots, what’s all this NEED for more stuff? If like me you’re devouring Stacey Solomon’s ‘Sort Your Life Out’ then you’ll know what I mean! So I’ve relaunched the blog with a shiny new layout and a different perspective.

What’s next?

It’s got me thinking about the future of the blog and the relaunch. I want to take it back to the old school days. I want to write more, want to research more. I want to cover a variety of things… beauty, thought-pieces, opinions, the latest on the SATC reboot… (no spoilers). There’s no denying that I’ve an incredible network of women and so I want to share that with you too. I want to present to you the women who made me. I want to do some amazing interviews. I want to inspire you, I want to lift you up. Of course, I still do love fashion and beauty so you’ll still see sprinkles of that on the blog but I’m hoping that as I’m growing, the blog is evolving with me.

So I hope you enjoy the small collection of posts that myself and my lovely assistant Charlotte have put together and I’ll be back officially in January with some exciting new content!

Have an amazing holidays, however you’re celebrating!

Lauren x

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