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Review Of Man Repeller By Leandra Cohen (From Wordery)



When people ask me what blogs do I read, I’m forever giving different answers. There’s no denying that blogs, no matter how big or small, go through phases of being great and being, well, boring. But there’s one site that I’ve never given up on. I don’t know whether it’s Leandra’s Jewish humour or the quirky fashion? But has had me hooked from the very early days.

When I learned that there’s a book by Leandra Medine (Cohen), ‘Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls’ I gave a wry smile and a (well-rehearsed) pretence to the person recommending it that I already knew about it. Then I went and added it straight to my order list at Wordery. 

what’s it about?

If you’re au fait with (if you’re not then go hit that link right now) then you’ll understand who (and what) Leandra is. Eclectic, funny, witty and a lover of fashion without taking it too seriously. If I met her, she’s the type of person I’d instantly want to be best friends with. Her smile is warm and her style of writing not only has me laughing OUT LOUD but it’s also thought provoking. Who said fashion meant you had to tone down your intellect? Leandra and her team and ManRepeller champion intelligent conversation even over the smallest (and seemingly most insignificant) of topics.

The book mirrors the tone of the blog. She has an open dialogue with the reader, sharing even her most private bits of her personal life that’s totally relatable (extreme weight gain in your teens anyone?). It looks at her childhood, the relationship with her parents, her desire to succeed at school and a career and the story of Man Repeller. The motivations behind the blog are funny (and once again relatable). It’s like reading a funny letter from your best (funny) friend.

best bits

I love the story about the Grandmother’s Hermés clutch. Anyone who has ever been given any kind of memento or sentimental heirloom will understand the passion of wearing it out (and the subsequent guilt at ruining it). There’s more to the story of course and I urge you to go and read it!

The love story aspect is finely written from a modest and self deprecating point of view, true to Leandra’s style and humour. I also found the over dramatic outbursts so familiar that I just had to laugh! Then there are the funny stories of the destroyed white Jimmy Choo’s and the no-detail-spared note read out in class to explain her absence from school.

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine


Now I have to admit I was already a big fan of Leandra’s before I got the book. So I actually couldn’t wait to read it. It’s an easy read with some really funny bits (and equally cringe-y, in a good way). But the book exceeded my expectations. It certainly wasn’t another ‘me too’ blogger book but more of an insight into her life, her background and her motivation to start the blog in a relatively untapped market. Her relationship with the Jewish faith really interested me as did her love life (call me nosey). I adore the background story of her marriage and the book is a wonderful demonstration of her sharp intellect and wit. I want to be her bestie.

Buy Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls

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