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Black Coats That Flatter Individual Shapes

Styles I Stick To For An Ever
Changing Body Shape

For years, a long black coat has been considered universally flattering. These days however, there are so many styles, cuts, fabrics and choice that we end up getting bombarded with so many options that we settle on something within our budget. Not, as the case should be, always the most flattering.

I (thankfully) made and learned from many style mistakes with my first pregnancy which got me feeling better prepared for my second round of 4 stone weight gain. I know what suits me and what doesn’t, what could be altered to look a little better and what to steer clear of.

So feeling inspired by this gorgeous longline leather look coat from ASOS, I wanted to pull together not only some of my favourite black coats that are out there right now but also share how I choose and style particular pieces. Despite being on the taller side (5ft 8) I’ve also included some of my styling tips that I would give to private clients many years ago which still rings true today, on how to elongate your shape or wear a coat without looking like you’re drowning!

So I hope you enjoy today’s post and hope you find some inspiration for your next coat purchase!

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*I am 8 months pregnant but everything featured is main sizing (non maternity)

Choosing A Coat To Suit Your Shape

Pear Shape

Look for smooth fabric over the hips and focused detail on the shoulders. I think a square shoulder or lapels look beautiful in a mid length coat – even better if the coat flares at the bottom


A rectangular shaped body is one of the easiest canvases to work with. Lucky you! You can wear beautiful straight cut coats in a variety of lengths or go for a double breasted button coat. You could even recreate an hour-glass silhouette by belting in at the waist.


Fussy coats can overwhelm your frame. I love a plain and simple straight cut coat with oversized collars to give the illusion of length and height. A straight cut front and button down can give a look a vertical line drawing the attention up and down rather than sideways.

Apple Shape

Go for sartorial cuts, plain fabric and minimal fuss. I love an unstructured coat that sits just above the knee; a simple a-line style.


Pre pregnancy this was more my shape. I’d always wear a belt or a button to nip in at the waist and would usually wear a scarf to cover any open space along the chest area. Similar to an apple shape I also love an unstructured coat – especially dusters.


At some point, the only place a belt looks good is above the belly and under the bust. Too big a belt can look wrong. Now that I’m 8 months, I prefer an open coat that’s plain and simple with no fuss along the chest or shoulder area. Much like a petite frame, I try to draw attention up and down and away from my belly.

Broad Shoulders

Also known as an ‘inverted triangle’, when your hips and waist are smaller in proportion to your shoulders. Here a hemline is good to work on – the length and flare to balance the shape.

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Words & styling by Lauren Silvester, photography by Zoe Griffin

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