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With fresh Autumn content just around the corner, I’m making the most of the final few Summer days and wearing the last of my Summer dresses and mixing them up with some cool pinks that wouldn’t look out of place in Autumn – like this gorgeous page cross body bag from Coach (here’s the black currently in sale). If like me you’re desperate to start buying some accessories that can really elevate an outfit for the new season then here are my favourite transitional pinks taking you from Summer to September and beyond.


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Dress – ASOS Design

Page Bag – Coach

Mules – Louis Vuitton





High Street


Discounted Designer


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2 Responses

  1. Love the edit of the pink and especially the designer for less stuff. I am checking in on to your blog every day now!
    Keep it up Sassy x
    Katy (Blog Coming Soon) x

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