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4 Tips For Spring/Summer Layering


Corsets over shirts, cami’s over tees; layering’s nothing new. Yet each year we somehow manage to actually make it new! All it takes is a modern approach, some catwalk inspiration and perhaps a flick through some of your favourite blogs to see how it’s being done. This season, I’m continuing with my favourite Spring look of t-shirts and jeans with a kimono, a duster or a blazer. I love to layer my look up with a cross body too. But there are also lots of other ways to layer like an expert.


Rules for layering in the Summer


1. Be Creative

Layering’s a great excuse to wear some favourite bits all at once. In the Summer it’s less about fabrics more about textures. For a night out with friends I love to layer my favourite vest and skirt with a blazer, 2 or 3 gold necklaces and finish off with a cross body. Layering at it’s best (and simplest). We’re seeing dresses/long jacket over jeans this season too.


2. Show Some Skin

If wearing a tee, cami, jeans, blazer and coat (all light weight of course) then you want to avoid looking really bulky. To update the look for Summer, bring up your sleeves to show off your forearms, make the jeans cropped and keep the cami a low V neck. Keep the lengths contrasting too so a long duster coat over a cropped blazer etc.


3. Keep It Minimal

This season is not about clashing prints and fabrics. Keep the colour palette and colour combinations neutral for a toned down day look (think powder nudes, white, camel etc) and add a pop of colour for the evening. Mix up the textures though – satins, silks, leather, cotton, the blazers linen etc.


4. Buy Layered Pieces

This season’s saw a big rise in layered pieces to buy straight off the bat. Look for gorgeous layered broderie anglaise tops and dresses, layered skirts from the hips down and layered culottes (normally pleated). It’s all about contrasting lengths.


Camel Jacket – Winser London

White T-shirt – M&S

Cropped Jeans – Topshop

Bag – Bell & Fox

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