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Foodies Will Love These 3 Unique Ways To Relax & Unwind

In a bid to be more natural and stress-free, I’ve invested lots of time researching holistic ways to help switch off and relax. My bedside table is stacked with books written by Doctors and even a Hypnotherapist and it’s definitely making a difference to the way I approach my down time. Food is a big part of this lifestyle and recently I’ve been enjoying the benefits of good nutrition. Inspired by the launch of the new Origins x Madeleine Shaw Glow-co-nuts Hydrating Coconut Moisture Mask, here’s how I love to relax – the natural way.

The Face Mask

Author and food blogger, Madeleine Shaw has teamed up with Origins to produce this gorgeous moisturising face mask. Designed to hydrate and nourish the skin, in just ten minutes skin is left plumper, brighter and with a radiant glow. What makes this mask so special is that it leans on Madeleine Shaw’s unique approach to healthy living, using ingredients for specific concerns. It has coconut, apricot, lemon, orange and lime oils, is 100% vegan friendly and has 100% recyclable packaging.

There’s nothing quite like taking 10 mins to just lie down and relax with a face mask and this one has definitely become a new favourite. Available exclusively online (£26.50).


Drink A Tumeric Latte

I’ve been trying to be a little more adventurous with my drinks. One recipe that I’ve mastered is the homemade Tumeric Latte. Warm, spicy and sweeter than you’d expect, it’s a really yummy cup of goodness. Taking 5 minutes to just enjoy every sip of its flavour and breathe calmly has such a resting effect on both the mind and body.

Tumeric is not only great for digestion but is an antioxidant that also helps to fight inflammation within the body. Inflammation can shift our immune system out of balance and stimulate nerves causing us pain. So it’s important to help ourselves reduce it where we can. Broccoli, pineapple, onions and garlic are also good for this). Tumeric is also good for boosting our brain function, helpful for arthritis and protects the heart. It’s also performed in lots of research surrounding diabetes and cancer.

Reading & Night Time Tea

These past two months I’ve loved nothing more than practicing a little self-care in the form of reading in bed with a Pukka Night Time tea, right before lights out. It started with a really interesting book on hypnotherapy and from there I developed a passion for reading about wellness. Right now I have two books on the go. It’s something I look forward to doing for myself each evening – normally for about 20 minutes before bedtime.

When I’m super tired from not getting enough sleep or a particularly tough day, there’s no pretending that I can get stuck in to a good book though. But I push myself to read just one paragraph at least and I can definitely tell a difference in the quality of my sleep. My phone goes off around 9pm and from then it’s just conversation and reading. There’s something to be said about letting your mind switch off and just reading lines and lines of print on a real life page.

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