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A 24 Piece Capsule Workwear Wardrobe, Under £100 Each & A Minimum Of 12 Looks… Go!

Challenge accepted! Yes, it's totally possible...

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When I graduated, I moved to Putney with friends and brought with me a closet that still to this day, I am so proud of.

It wasn’t designer. Far from it.

I’d worked part time while studying and with the disposable income that I did have, every weekend I would go to the high street on the hunt for some investment – yet affordable – pieces that would set me up for a new life in London.

I’d reference Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar (their Luxe for Less section was my Bible) and would go spend hours (no exaggeration) looking for the right cut, the right fit, the right style. That wardrobe during my first year in London? It was epic.

These days I don’t have the time to pound the shop floor. Magazines don’t offer me the same inspiration and the high street, in my opinion, is completely over saturated with poor quality fabrics at extortionate prices.

I have a new method.

  • I check the fabric, (will it wash well and will it last?)
  • The cut (choose pieces with updated tweaks like new leg lengths, waist heights etc. to keep it looking modern)
  • The style. I prefer sartorial, structured and tailored shapes.
  • For work, I make sure clothes allow me to feel powerful but still maintain my femininity. A look that feels like it’s borrowed from the boys, doesn’t make me feel confident at work (but I do love the style on others).


The 24 piece workwear capsule:

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