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This Is Why You Should Totally Wear All Red To An Interview

When you think ‘power suit’ what colour springs to mind? Probably black or grey, right? Those are the safe choices. Bright red? Probably not top of your list. But consider this. With red being the colour to represent boldness, strength and determination, why wouldn’t it be your go-to for an interview?

Ok so I probably wouldn’t wear a red dress or a red skirt when meeting someone for the first time about a new job. Not for any particular reason aside from feeling uncomfortable. However a red suit makes me feel fearless and confident. I feel ready to lead a team, stand up to do a pitch, even take on more challenging roles!



A few years ago I interviewed (for a job I didn’t want) at a big publishing house and being told by the interviewee that I shouldn’t have worn a black, corporate looking dress. I couldn’t help but sense this woman was being hard on me in other areas too. Nonetheless, it really struck a chord. I looked down pitifully at my Karen Millen midi length and gave myself a notion to not wear it again. That was the last time I ever wore black to an interview. Note, she actually said they wore pretty tea dresses and that the targets were ‘flowery’ so I definitely would not have fitted in.

When I put on this gorgeous co-ord from Boden (it’s one of their ‘Boden 10‘ key wardrobe pieces) my mood changed. It also reminded me though to always be prepared. Otherwise you’ll come off as ‘the girl in the red suit who didn’t have a clue’.

Check out Boden’s other bold wardrobe must haves in their Boden 10 collection.


I’m wearing: Blazer & Trousers both Boden, Black Anouk Jimmy Choo, Aspinal of London Diary

*Co-ord kindly gifted

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