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Celebrations! How I Do It…

I’m in Itsu grabbing a sushi tray and a juice and…fine, I may as well get a chocolate rice cake too. I’m feeling stressed and need something sweet. I know I know, I should be bringing my lunch in and saving my pennies (an Itsu lunch costs an anxiety-inducing £10 or so) but this is what 1pm in London looks like when you’ve only time to nip next door to your office for lunch.

 However Wednesday was different. Wednesday was spent in a North London park soaking up the sun with my books out, studying. Aside from the stress over what was going to happen the next day it was bliss.

short term pain for long term gain.

The past 15 months for me have been the most turbulent year of stress and anxiety. Never a creature of habit, I’ve always struggled to fall into a routine so knowing that all of this was building up to something gave me a sweet surprise of butterflies and stomach cramps. On top of my studying I have also been working full time, blogging and planning a wedding. As my late Nanna used to say though, taking time out to study is only a short while out of your life for spending the rest of your life enjoying it. She was right. Fast forward to the next day and I passed. Hurrah!


Every time I hear Mazel Tov from friends and family, I feel elated knowing that I can say I’ve committed to something and employed enough assiduity to expand my mind and allow myself to finally truly deserve the rewards. It’s a feeling of relief and gratefulness.  Thursday afternoon we celebrated in Hampstead (after voting of course). There was lots of yummy food and delicious champagne to be had as well as some of the most delectable treats at Gaucho. Not forgetting some refreshing cocktails in the sun!

Taking the time and effort to actually complete something you’ve worked so hard for requires a different kind of celebration. It’s nothing like celebrating your birthday. You realise that the culmination of diligence and discipline is so worth it.

 For anyone considering taking on a new vocation, hobby or challenge, stop procrastinating and take the plunge. It will be worth it when you can read a new language, understand global politics a bit better or whatever your new stimulation allows you to do.

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