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The Classic Low Pony Is The Easiest ‘Done Up’ Hairstyle You’ll Try This Season

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This week

I’ve found a new energy, probably thanks to this amazing weather and finally understanding how to switch off and get some rest. They say work hard play hard but for me, right now, it’s all about more of a holistic balance to life. Serious life stuff aside, it also feels wonderful finally nailing my minimal makeup look and treating my hair in a whole new way. My wardrobe has also had a bit of TLC and I’m once again finding joy in clothes and my personal style.

The one look I’m loving right now is a super easy to do, classic low pony tail. Thick hair like mine needs some taming in this heat and a low pony is the most uncomplicated way to stay chic.



Low Pony Tricks


The beauty of a low pony is that it works for pretty much all hair lengths, providing that the hair can be scraped back and tied. Here are my tips on creating the perfect low pony:

  1. My hair right now is pretty long so it’s important to treat my ends thoroughly. Using a great conditioning treatment (some reviews coming soon) means that my pony tail remains sleek with minimal unruly strands.

2.  Look at your face shape. I have a heart shaped face so a centre parting can make me look a bit moon face if not balanced out with long locks either side of my cheeks.  So for a pony tail I prefer a side parting to look less severe and less war-time nanna, ha!

3. Use hair spray strategically. Personally I prefer to steer away from any finishing product but that’s because it makes my hair a little greasy. However with a low pony I spritz a comb with some spray and comb from my roots down about 1 inch. It keeps my parting and crown in place. PS Hair crown not actual crown, ha!

4. Check the back. Use a hand held mirror to check your reflection in a long mirror to ensure your pony tail is sitting centre. If you’ve decided to back comb a little, make sure you don’t have any bits pouffing out.


Top – Topshop

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Pretty Little Thing


What’s your go-to Summer hair style?

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