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True London Style With Grace & Oliver Coats

Before I moved to London I used to be obsessed with London style. I always imagined these power women. They’d be walking around in designer dresses and smart coats. Their heels would be to die for and expensive handbags would adorn their arms. Sometimes they’d have a mobile in hand, a diary sticking out from their tote and always, lots of impatience.

I dreamed of one day joining them on my way to work rushing with an air of authority and busy, just like one of these ladies out on a mission. Of course the reality is somewhat different. There’s no one way to define the quintessential London style because there are just too many variations. From urban streetwear to androgynous, yoga outfits to mums on the school run, those are just four visions to ponder over for starters.

But when I slipped on this gorgeous Emmeline Grace & Oliver coat ready to head to a meeting, I was thrown back to the imagination I had in my teens. Finally! I’d found my perfect ‘London’ outfit. The coat took my jeans and cami to a new level.

Firstly let me talk about the thick material. It’s heavy and lined, keeping me seriously warm. The attention to detail on the buttons and stitching is incredible and I just love the monochrome check. The coat is so effortlessly chic and sophisticated. It’s exactly the coat I imagined the smart women of London to wear on their way to disrupt male dominated places.

*Grace & Oliver coat kindly gifted

Words & Styling by Lauren Silvester

Photography by Zoe Griffin

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