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Life Lessons


We’re all dealing with issues, some more than others. As we get older we grow wiser; life experiences teach us many lessons and education still plays a major part of our lives.

For me, personal development comes in stages. Probably like you, sometimes I get this light bulb moment where things that used to frustrate me and seem complicated now seem easy and quick.

From relationships to work, even my own style. But when I have those moments, the moments where I know something is working, I find time to bask in the glory and the joy of being happy.

My style has evolved over the years into one that I’m now happy and comfortable with. Neutral colours and some good denim makes up 90% of my wardrobe. But of course, I do keep the glamour with some dresses in all shapes and sizes.





One of my best style decisions was getting rid of (nearly all) my clothes freeing up cash, space and my mind. I had that Eureka moment when I noticed there was a theme running with what I kept. So I used this as my base and added accordingly. It’s something I always advise my clients to do when I’m personal styling.

When you know what works, what you like and what makes you comfortable, it transcends through other areas in your life. The whole process of decluttering, condensing and curating an edit of just a few pieces felt so cathartic. It got me motivated to try something similar elsewhere:

Emails – unsubscribed to all the junk and condensed.

Home – big charity donations and spring cleaning.

Family Photos – curating my favourites and taking absolute pleasure in framing the special moments.






Top – H&M

Jeans – Topshop

Bag – Dune

Kitten heel mules – Boden

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