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The Social Kitchen Supper Club

& Why You Need To Go

You’ve probably heard of The Social Kitchen before. I wrote about it previously (see here) and expressed my enormous admiration for Dani Tucker, the daughter of the late Shally Tucker to whom the cookbook is dedicated. I’m completely envious of Dani’s eye and her attention to detail, the fruits of which are clear to see in her supper clubs. Not only is the delightful decor like something out of a fairy tale, the flowers and ribbons create a truly visual masterpiece that I personally could never recreate at home. And that’s even before we’ve got to the food…


So What Is It?

So you would have already read about the treasured cookbook. Inspired by Shally Tucker, it’s brimming full of recipes, food that’s designed to be thoughtful and shared. It’s already enjoyed by the likes of Rosie Fortescue and many more. Dani told me once before that when growing up, her kitchen was always the hub of the home. She was literally always at the apron strings, licking empty bowls and learning more about ingredients. In addition, the home was always full of interesting people, bustling and busy. There was always cooking going on with a plentiful supply of food to go around. Not only family but the abundance of friends and visitors that stopped by.

So it’s no surprise then that Dani has her mother’s qualities. She loves to bring people together, loves interesting conversation and socialising. So when I got the invite to the last supper club at The Elgin in Maida Vale, I already had an idea on what to expect. Great food, a wonderful venue and fascinating people. And I wasn’t far wrong. We recently met for lunch and I couldn’t stop telling Dani how brilliant last supper club was!


The Supper Club

Dani’s impeccable eye for pretty design meant that there were lots of stunning fresh flowers looking absolutely divine. Pinks, purples, even the ribbons falling out of trays next to the crockery and glassware offered guests a true spectacle. Guests thought that the colours and scents were a feast for the senses. The food was displayed thoughtfully, each piece complimenting the other spilling over plates and dishes. The tasty food was actually cooked in Dani’s parent’s house in Mill Hill so you could already feel the connection to what Dani was intending to achieve.

At the supper club I met some of the most interesting people who I’d never normally get the chance to meet. What’s lovely too is that they’re people of all ages. Dani once commented that because of the nature of Facebook and Twitter etc, people are steering away from actual face to face communication so it was a breath of fresh air to see people actually engaging with not a phone in sight. The food was mouth watering and I didn’t have to feel guilty going up for seconds. I loved toasting with new people with delicious wine too.

Your Turn

At the end of the evening, we left with a cute little goody bag considerately presented in a bag. Inside were gifts from Popcorn Shed, La Roche Posay, chocolates from Coco Bijoux  (which were amazing) and many more.

If you’d like to join Dani and The Social Kitchen’s Supper Club, visit here for ticket details. If you love feel good, tasty and home-cooked food with new people, friends and family then this is for you. The food and drink is served buffet style, so you’re encouraged to move around and share experiences. What you’ll love it that all profit from the ticket is donated to Dermatrust, a registered charity which aims to improve the treatment and care of skin diseases.

Pssst! Keep your eyes peeled for a Supper Club hosted by myself with The Social Kitchen in 2017!

Have you tried any of the recipes from The Social Kitchen? Xx

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the most amazing review and I really hope that people continue to embrace everything that The Social Kitchen stands for !! Lots of love your way Sassy Lauren xxx

    1. Thanks Dani, I had so so much fun! Can’t recommend it enough and I too hope that many people enjoy everything as much as we did Xx

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