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How To Study The Second Time Around

Graduating and moving to London was a huge change – not in terms of the move itself but the life structure. Now it’s about to change all over again.

Working full time means no more naps until midday during the week and no room for drinking shots on a Tuesday evening. Instead, a full time job that I love and weekends free to spend investing in hobbies and enjoying a wage. This structure is definitely more beneficial and of course helps me become a more responsible, organised individual. However, that’s all gone out of the window because this week, I am off work and I’m studying! Yes, I am revising and cramming this week. I’m talking about reading notes, making notes, reciting passages, learning a new language and making sure I’m hot on every single date and event. This means there’s a new structure to my day.

On Monday, I woke early and headed for the gym (for the first time since December) at 8am. After a quick shower and protein snack, I sat down to do some revision. By revision, I mean I did anything to procrastinate and not pick up a pen. Had I put the washing out, was the lounge tidy enough, had I put my Easter egg in the cupboard so I wouldn’t be tempted. Had I done prep for my lunch, are all my books in good condition. Nothing changes then but this time around there’s a new temptation – social media. Checking the latest on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Checking my work emails, reading some blogs. Getting motivated to do some pure, undistracted study now is so difficult. 

To give a helping hand, here’s what can help:

  • Start revision early in the morning straight after breakfast so you’re less inclined to put it off in the afternoon
  • No one cares about pretty looking notes, it’s all about the quantity not quality in this case 
  • Coffee is your friend; in moderation
  • Healthy snacks are good for concentration and the brain. Slow release energy from fruits such as apples work best
  • Keep a clock and take breaks every hour
  • Use your breaks to treat your body. For me, neck stretches and a short work (yes, even to the fridge) can help
  • The brain memorises images as well as text so don’t discount Google images and drawings
  • Use appropriate revision books; this does not include ‘How to be Parisian’ or other fashion literature
  • Sit at a desk; although I love blogging spread across a sofa with a laptop
  • Keep music to a minimum; otherwise like me you’ll start putting songs on repeat and dancing along 
  • Don’t talk to people; WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, texting and Skype can wait

Good luck!

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