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Small, Local & New Businesses To Support This Festive Season

Brands To Shop

Small & Thoughtfully

This year like many of my friends and family, lots of more of us are supporting small independent businesses by choosing them for festive shopping. With so many incredible shop pages popping up on Etsy coupled with the rise of Instagram businesses set up from kitchen tables, there’s never been a better choice of unique and personalised gifting than we have right now.

The prospect of finding the perfect gifts doesn’t seen as daunting this year thanks to the wide variety of niche brands that have grown through lockdown.

While I admit I do love my favourite luxury brands, there’s something extra special about shopping new, small and local. You feel like you’re giving a fair pay and there’s something so gratifying knowing that your money isn’t going towards buying a CEO another boat but is instead helping families put their children through sports classes or helping with their food and clothing.

So here are my 27 favourite small, local and new businesses that would each appreciate your support this festive season. I’ve linked each of them to their IG where you can see at a glance some of their amazing pieces and don’t forget to check out their websites!

Disclaimer: Each of the brands featured have been tried and tested either by myself or friends/family. For any billing or personalisation enquiries, please contact the brands directly.

(Above) 1. Go Get Personalised | 2. Freya Lillie | 3. Love Ruby Ross | 4. The Head Plan | 5. Arena Flowers | 6. Hawthorn and Shaw | 7. Charlotte Singer Catering | 8. Studio Bloom | 9. Oli’s Kitchen

(Above) 1. Canvas Cake Company | 2. Sbtrct Skincare | 3. Sandikids | 4. Alexandra Harper Millinery | 5. Dimitria Jordan | 6. Silk Works London | 7. New Moon Blooms | 8. Fall In To London | 9. Eleanor Herring

(Above) 1. Harlie Briggs Art | 2. Sunkissed Ceremonies | 3. Echo Limited | 4. Minimal Be | 5. Baby Boosa | 6. Mimi Bear | 7. Poodle and Blonde | 8. Georgia May Design | 9. Kid of The Village

Which are your favourites?

Psst! Don’t forget to check out my Digital Advent Calendar here where everyday a brand is announcing a superb prize!

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