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Self Loving: An Easy 7 Step Method

Hormones, cortisol, endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, Vitamin D, vitamin deficiencies, stomach bugs, leafy greens, hydration, neurological pathways, microbioms and other gut bacteria… blimey it’s like trying to name all of Santa’s reindeers!

Only we’re not. This is just a fraction of an inventory of things that can affect our bodies, minds and (ultimately) our lives. Phew, it’s a job just reading the list let alone paying attention to what we should be doing for optimum health! It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So I’ve nailed it down to what I consider to be the most important, leaving you with time to deal with the crucial things in life. Like pursuing happiness, new business ideas or tripling your bank account digits (as I said no judgment here)!


The ‘happy hormone’ created by neurotransmitters in the brain keeps our body on the right path (aids deep sleep and balances mood etc). You can increase Dopamine and Serotonin levels by (among other things):

drinking green tea instead of coffee

being out in the sun / less time indoors

a yoga session / having a massage

psychical human touch (get hugging people)

laughing (get the chick flicks on)

taking care of your gut (where 90% of Serotonin is produced) with probiotics



Getting your daily fix of your RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) through food is essential to nourishing ourselves. Our body absorbs nutrients from food and rids toxins using chemicals our body has created itself (also fuelled by food). Rainbow food has been given loads of coverage recently and rightly so. How many colours are you eating in a day (and I don’t mean Skittles)? Blueberries, carrots, corn, spinach, oranges… are you getting your 5 a day? I supplement my diet with protein powder, Turmeric lattes, Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium and WellWoman Multivitamins. A Vitamin C boost is always appreciated from an orange or some juice which is great for the immune system too. I’ve recently booked in for a Vitamin B12 jab too so I’ll keep you updated!


From the dawn of day humans have coupled up, grown communities and leaned on each other for support. Being in a group is a natural human survival instinct. Strength in numbers! As humans, we need a sense of belonging. We mate with another half and have more than a handful of friends. Being ‘wanted’ and ‘belonging’ are what connects us and in turn, those are the ones we contact for support through hard times or threat. When was the last time you got your girls together and hung out? Try not to withdraw and lose ties with your girls because it’s a very lonely place without them.


Forgiving oneself is a huge tool in ultimately being kinder to yourself. As is forgiving others.



Forget reading books about decluttering just crack on and do it. I remember opening the first draw I came across and just emptied the whole lot. Without much thought I quickly filled up a bin bag of stuff that I never use and gave it to charity. It made me feel so much calmer knowing that I could not only actually open and close the draw (literally does one girl need 17 pairs of sunnies?) but I could be more productive and clear in my thinking. It also helps one move on, especially if you’re still hankering for something that used to be.

change the cycle.

The powerful Einstein quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” has stuck with me. Self love is all about variety and flipping the normal routine on it’s head. Without change, there would be no butterflies! Make a note of three things you can actively change that could alter the way you feel about yourself.

get to know yourself.

Would you date you? If you weren’t you, would you love you? Want to hang out with you? The answer should always be YES! If it’s not then you need to change your internal dialogue. Squash that internal negative voice. When was the last time you actually took a moment to form an opinion on something. Take fashion for instance, are you following a crowd or making your own mind up? When was the last time you took yourself out for a date, a date with yourself? There’s something so beautiful about having coffee alone.


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