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Reinventing Clothes: More Outfits Without Spending!


I feel like Autumn whizzed by a little too fast and I have major Autumn regret on lots of things that I didn’t buy. But then as I pack away my Summer clothes into storage, I think to myself where on earth would I put all the new warmer stuff when they no longer serve their seasonal purpose? Right now there’s a spotlight on sustainability and fast fashion so it got me thinking about ways to reinvent our wardrobes. Wearing a repeat outfit doesn’t have to be such a devastation if you know how to change the styling.


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We’re so quick to go to the high street and buy off the rail, shove it on and head out without even washing it let alone considering changing the cut, length and fabric etc. If you’ve got some dresses that you don’t wear so much, try chopping them into a top. Customising sleeves (taking them off, shortening them etc.) is also a neat reinvention. If you have old shift dresses, experiment with the waist – see what a difference making it more fitted can make. Voila, a new dress!


I’m not talking glue gun, paint and studs, I’m talking about modern updates. I’m forever cutting rips into old jeans, chopping off the bottoms to make trousers cropped or even adding some embellishment to the bottoms. Clutch bags are also super easy to update, try popping some transferable letters on to your favourite black bag as a nod to the personalised trend. Or how turning your old bomber jacket in to a varsity style coat with a big letter on the chest.



A/W is a great excuse to get out your old Spring dresses and layer over t-shirts. Or how about wearing the dress but with a jumper over the top? It’s like you have a new skirt.

Coats as dresses:

One of the major new trends seen at LFW this year was a coat belted at the waist and paired with a pair of boots. I have so many old coats to pull out and reinvent as a dress!



When I’m heading off for the weekend I’ll always take a pair of jeans and a plain top. If I take an extra belt, bag and change of shoes (and a hat if I’m feeling adventurous) it turns into a completely new outfit.

Hair & Makeup:

Never underestimate the change that a pony tail and heavier makeup can make. I often wear my favourite skirt/top combo with my hair down and no makeup and then follow it up the next day with hair up, red lippy and a blazer for an added difference.


I’m always banging on about the importance of investing in good quality basics. From white t-shirts to black skinny jeans, we each probably have them. These form the blank canvases on which we can base an outfit. So remember before buying those expensive check trousers, how often are you going to get to wear them without looking like you’ve nothing else to wear?



Words & styling by Lauren Silvester

Photography by Zoe Griffin


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