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Style Hacks & Little Luxuries For November

My Secrets To Bringing

Joy To November

Regular readers and followers of my blog and social will know that from time to time I struggle regulating my moods. Around this time last year I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and although that is part of my uniqueness and charm there can be times where I need to really look after myself and my happiness.

This year I’ve really delved in to what brings me joy and pleasure in life. The smaller things, the less materialistic things. The changing of the leaves for instance, a warm bubble bath with a scented candle, a good book, music and even my favourite textures. It all makes a difference. You’ll know from before that my Love Ruby Ross bracelets (today I’m wearing ‘LOVE”) bring me lots of joy too, particularly as they’re hand made.

So here’s another little luxury for you that I’ve recently discovered. They’re a pack of three silk scrunchies from Silk Works London. Why am I sharing small accessories with you? You shouldn’t pass up on the small things and especially ones that have gorgeous texture and meaning.

Made from luxurious silk, the scrunchies have become one of my small pleasures in life. Not just because of the texture (although there is something so chic about tying silk in your hair) but because of all the benefits that silk brings too. When I’m in a rush to collect Mia or I have to throw my hair up to do my makeup, I feel more put together wearing one. They also do skinny versions which double up and look great as bracelets too and also not forgetting pillow cases, eye masks, kids bedding and more. Go check them out!

Shop My Look

Scrunchies – Silk Works London

Bracelet – Love Ruby Ross

Watch – Rotary *gifted

Jumper – Old Season H&M

Necklace – Old Season H&M

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