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My Favourite Chic Non-Maternity High Street Finds

Lockdown & What I’m

Loving This Week

Learning of the new England lockdown rules has got me rethinking my content and what I have planned for the next few weeks. The fact is we’re not going to be shopping like we used to. Additionally, the places we go are limited so there won’t be as big a desire for new fashion as there once was.

With that in mind I wanted to let you know my intention for the next few weeks. I’m sensitive to the current situation and I know many people directly affected both financially and emotionally. I know there are people who may find fashion content triggering for a variety of reasons. That’s fair, I understand why. I don’t want to ‘sell’ fashion to you, I want you to enjoy and look at fashion with me.

For me, fashion has always been a way for me to be creative and expressive. It’s a passion I’ve enjoyed since I was a little girl. Even as I type this I’m multi tasking! I’m knee deep in fabrics and cotton making clothes for my daughter’s dollies.

So my thinking is to maintain style content on the blog and social media. However, I hope that you treat it as inspiration, escapism, a place where like minded people can come together and appreciate the style, cut, fit and fabric of pieces that can make us feel great and let’s face it, cheer us up! As a reminder, blogs and social are not real life – a lot of what I feature is loaned, gifted or reused. So for those who will continue along this journey with me (I hope that’s still a lot of you), I’ve curated an edit of my favourite non-maternity high street finds below!

My Non-Maternity Look

This blog post uses affiliate links both within the content and shopping banners.
*I am currently 6 months pregnant but everything featured is main sizing.

New High Street Non-Maternity Favourites

Words & styling by Lauren Silvester

For lockdown guidance, check here.
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