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Mr In The City: Last of the Summer Slides

When I introduced the new blog design in a recent post, I promised you newness, a more laid-back feel and a different mood. If you caught my interview with Fashion Monitor (the fashion and beauty industry’s intelligence resource used by brands, media and PR’s etc.) you’d have seen that I talked about launching Mr In The City alongside this blog and It’ll be launching later this year so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime as part of the redesign, I’ll be bringing you a few posts to give you a taste of what’s to come. Essentially it’s a blog for men  written from a ‘he says, she says’ point of view. So there will always be a man’s and woman’s perspective. So go grab your brothers/dads/boyfriends or whatever and share the love!



Slides Of The Summer

By Dan Silvester

He says:

Whether it’s poolside, harbour side or simply repping the west side an open toe is a must in the warm weather. And until Supreme brand a pair of Crocs your best route to looking cool whilst still keeping cool is a stylish high-end designer slider. It may be nearing towards the end of the Summer but slides are still worth the investment and being seen on the streets from Milan to London.

The Science:

Feet are at our extremities and don’t have much muscle, this means that they can cool the body more easily than other body parts. Unless genetics have gifted you with hobbit feet, feet are (usually) devoid of hair, so unlike the head heat exchange can occur faster. We’ve selected our top picks to match your style and surroundings:



Camouflage-Print Rubber Slides 


Valentino’s take on the beach-goers staple evokes subtle style but oozes the quality you’d expect from an Italian foot piece. A darker style means this smart look is easy to match whether with board shorts or evening wear.






Web Slide


To match any fresh summer style, these slides are subtle yet distinctive. The white base is paired with a slick toe strap wrapped in Gucci’s iconic green-red-green coloured bands. Durable rubber means these are easy to keep fresh and your feet will be met by a cushioned sole so they’ll stay put and won’t be sliding out of your slide. 





Monochrome Logo Slides


The distinct branding and familiar typeface evokes Parisienne styling of the early 20th Century brought up to date by a clean contrasting black/white colour way and it’s boarder-less toe-band. Givenchy have cleverly balanced their style and heritage whilst presenting a slider à la mode.



Other Slides We Love:


She says:

Forget any uneasiness about wearing slides, they certainly are the shoe that’s fast become de rigueur for the season. Rather than teaming with sportswear, keep the outfit stylish by pairing with smart city shorts and a matching blazer, chinos, that kind of thing. Don’t think beach, think smart city. If you do want to wear casual shorts, try wearing socks with the slides. Rubber and smart leather slides sure are the updated Birkenstocks.


This is a taste of what’s to come on Mr In The City. Hope to see you there later in the year!


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