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Why I’m Obsessed with Choccywoccydoodah

DISCLAIMER: Look Away If Dieting

Writing this post was tricky

I didn’t know where to start. Did I want to launch into details about my wedding cake preparation? Did I want to talk about London and its bucket-list attractions? Or did I want to talk about my one true love. The sweetest and most satisfying thing in the world, chocolate.

Choccywoccydoodah falls into each of those categories. If you’ve never heard of Choccywoccydoodah you’re missing out. Situated on the corner of Fouberts Place (just off London’s Carnaby Street), the store is an eclectic mix of artsy chocolate creations. You could say it fits in really rather nicely with the whole ‘naughty and nice’ Soho vibe. The other colourful boutique shop can be found in Brighton.

From huge, whopping cakes to small, intricate constructions, each has been thoughtfully built. Immense attention to detail is paid to the constructions. Everything that’s used for the decorating is made of chocolate. There are no additional artificial pieces like those you normally find on cakes. To say the cakes are a work of art would be a total understatement. They are fancy, decadent and constructed from passion. 

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the London cafe to sit down with Dan, an ex ‘flower girl’ whose talented hands had created some pretty epic sculptured pieces. We devoured the most insane amaretto cake (with white chocolate and raspberry, mmm) and chatted over a yummy milk chocolate shake (Vegas diet out the window obviously). I asked him about the creations and spectacular window displays and whether he worries about them melting. They do stand some heat but naturally if kept in the sun too long they would melt so it’s always something they have to keep an eye on. He told me about the store and the visitors they get from all around the world who have watched the TV programme.

“We’re quite selfish in a way, because everything we do we primarily do for ourselves. If we’re not getting the joy from it, we don’t want to do it”


As we sat in the extraordinary little cafe,  I couldn’t help but keep one eye fixated on the mouth watering menu. Tables around us were dotted with some interesting choices, customers choosing cakes, biscuits, ‘plumpies’ and shakes.

There’s a true fantasy feel to the store and aside from the splendid one-off sculptured pieces, cakes and chocolates, there’s also scope to incorporate Choccywoccydoodah fun into a wedding. 

To elevate a meaningful concept, Choccywoccydoodah liaise with the happy couple to find out more about what they want. Is there anything special that they’ve experienced in life that they’d like seen in the cake? Do they have a particular theme? Do they want it to be a talking point at the wedding reception leaving people questioning what some of the parts represent? 

I was surprised to learn that cakes begin at around £450 to feed 70 people. I genuinely thought they would cost so much more . When you see these cakes in real life they are so impressive you’d think they cost thousands. There’s even a unique way of cutting the cake – it’s own little instruction manual if you will.

Choccywoccydoodah is at the helm of any chocoholics dream. There’s a definite baroque and somewhat gothic theme to the whole set up. It’s almost as if you’ve stumbled into a cave of treasure and everything commands attention. It’s like you’re getting lost in another world and when inside, it’s hard to believe that you’re only  a stones throw away from Oxford Street. 

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Also at the London store, is a ‘Secret Garden’. This is a secret space that’s transformed into a magnificent spectacle where people can go in privately to enjoy, even for hen parties (above). That’s definitely going straight to the top of my wish list!

Have you been to Choccywoccydoodah? Xx

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