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How To Dress With Confidence & Purpose

Summer in the City permits all kinds of fashion experiments and I know I’m not alone in breaking out of my usual jeans and t-shirts when those golden rays hit the floor. But with a lack of sun throughout the year, we’re often caught short with not many Summer clothes hanging in our closets. When we do buy something new, it’s a case of unfamiliar body parts on display, unpredictability with the weather and fabrics we’re not used to wearing the other 11 months of the year.
So today’s post is about just that. Tips to help you feel confident and secure when dressing for the sun. I’m not saying you need to go out and spend heavily on designer bags that’ll be in fashion for 5 seconds nor do you have to have the latest season gear. It’s all about feeling great, positive and most of all, relaxed.

Treat Your Mind & Body As One

Us humans are incredible. We have the power to reproduce, self heal and adapt to any situation. When I consider clothing I don’t think about how it’ll flatter my shape, instead the first thing I ponder is how it’ll make me feel. Our minds and body are one, a system not to be treated individually. An outfit may look incredible but if your heads in a different space you absolutely won’t feel your best. A happy healthy mind is the first step to dressing confidently.

Ignore Fashion

Trends and micro trends are just that. A passing moment in fashion’s history. Sometimes something will reappear on the catwalks and then later in the high street shops that will work for you (I love pom poms, matador hats and culottes) but more often than not it’s not always going to flatter your shape. Instead of panic buying the latest outfit featured in Vogue, head in store and try things on.

Know Your Colours

Purple and yellow work really well for blondes whereas for me, I tend to steer away from them as I don’t like the way they look with my brown locks. I’m not saying this for everyone but I feel uncomfortable in these colours. If I’ve lightened my hair though, my wardrobe is fuelled by them! Spend the time trying things on and noting how they make you feel. Green will always make me feel happy, black will always make me feel like I’m wearing a relaxed uniform.


Dress For The Occasion

Sometimes I’ll attend an event where I know I’ll be sitting down and will only be walking from curb to cab so those sky high Saint Laurent’s will be perfect. Other times I’ll be at a networking event on my feet the entire time so a block heel is far more comfortable. Practice what you’ll be wearing before the actual day and you’ll know if it’s practical.

Being Unique

ASOS recorded £1.8 billion in sales revenue in 2017 so imagine how many people own the same thing as you. Wearing the same as someone else at an event is always going to be embarrassing yet likely so I love giving a unique twist to my outfit. Can the dress be worn back to front? Can you tone down an outfit with your accessories? Predictably the safari trend is normally accessorised with big wooden statement jewellery but I prefer to wear fine gold jewellery with a stiletto heel. This is more my style.

Think Outside The Box

It used to be legs or chest on show – never both. But this old rule has been thrown out with yesterdays recycling and right now the rules are; there are no rules. Body aside, there should always be at least one thing we love about ourselves (if you don’t have one, start your list right now). I love accentuating my eyes and if I’m happy with my eye makeup chances are I feel less pressured to get my outfit right.




Dot Stripe Top Topshop || Matador Hat ASOS || Star Necklace ASOS || Ciate Lip Butter M&S || Killawatt Highlighter Fenty Beauty || Pure Colour Envy Eyeshadow Estee Lauder


How do you dress for confidence and purpose?


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