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This Is How To Be Graceful In A ‘Me First’ World

Sometimes we reach a point where we stop and reevaluate the way we live. The stress and chaos of the city can lead to a busy life meaning that we’re often guilty of forgetting our manners, self loving or even forgetting about other people’s feelings. The ‘me first’ culture we’re creating can have a devastating impact on our wellbeing and how we treat ourselves. Which is why it’s important to be more sympathetic, caring and most of all, more graceful.
Inspired by the launch of the new Philosophy Grace fragrances (Ballet Rose and Nude Rose) I started to think about the ways in which I move, how I consider others and how I treat my possessions.


How To Be Graceful


Inner Self Work

Talking to my inner self increases my self confidence. When you’re graceful, you have a quiet confidence about yourself without being too OTT or too attention seeking. Positive affirmations and mindfulness will help contribute to this.

Moving More Elegantly

Yoga is a fantastic way of aligning the body and improving posture. By aiming to walk and step more elegantly, we appear more poised. This is also a really great thing for your body as it makes us more mindful of how we’re treating our figure.

Go Makeup Free

By stripping back the eyeliner, the false lashes and the heavy bronzer, I’ve chosen to stick to my makeup essentials – mascara and a good concealer. Since having my eyebrows tattooed it’s saved so much time in the mornings meaning I’m free to experience more of what life has to offer.

Be More Direct

When I’m not being assertive or being clear about what I want, I worry that I’m coming across as annoying. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than indecisiveness! By being more direct I’m becoming less complicated.

Have More Self Control

It took a recent stint in A&E to wake up and recognise that I needed a life change for my body. So for the past month I haven’t touched alcohol, chocolate, sugar or caffeine. As a result, I’ve indulged in better and more luxurious sleep, less irritability and have become far calmer than I’ve ever felt.

What tips would you give?

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