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Hooded Eye Makeup: 4 Tricks by Katie Jane Hughes

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When it comes to beauty we all have our individual frustrations and insecurities. ‘Hooded Eyelids’ are no exception and are two words those who love makeup, have come to dread. Mascara transfers, uneven liner and hours spent blending eyeshadow, only for it to disappear when you open your eyes. All hope is not lost though. Professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, has transformed the fears of a hooded eye through her tutorials on Instagram. If it’s good enough for Rosie Huntington Whitely, its good enough for everyone right?

Eyeliner Is Your Friend – Not Your Enemy!

Have you always wanted to achieve that perfect cat eye liner, but found it to transfer or look uneven? Well, according to Katie, even hooded eyes can achieve the perfect feline flick! It’s important to note that understanding your eye shape is essential, but her basic concept applies to all. Once you are comfortable with your own eye structure, that once dreaded fold will be your friend, not your enemy. Simply create a hidden ‘bat wing’ shape across the eyelid that, when open looks like the perfect wing. Genius right? Always look directly into the mirror when applying your liner, so that the effect has maximum impact. The Zoeva Khol is perfect for this.


The More Colour The Better

Colour is not something to be ignored but celebrated. Use a flat brush to pack on colour from the inner corner of your eye to the middle. Flip the brush to face the outer corner and repeat. Press pigment for maximum opacity then blend the outer edges using a pressed face powder, looking direct into the mirror. As Katie says, the higher the colour blend the better! Blend the outer edges as opposed to the main lid area to create a seamlessly diffused look, visible when the eye is open. The natural shadows of the lid will make a single toned look appear dual toned, as the hooded crease shapes and defines. This is an added bonus you never thought you had, meaning less work and more impact!


Product Texture is Key

Oily lids, dry skin or watery eyes – we all have varying skin fears. Whether you spend hours blending eyeshadow, only for it to gather in the crease or you prime your lids, to no avail, product texture is key. If you find the products that work best with your complexion, then regardless of eye shape, you’re onto a winner! Eyeliner for example, experiment with liquids, gels, pencils or shadow to find which has longevity. Or with colour, perhaps a cream product is more favourable than a powder. Hooded eye or not, texture demands attention!


Skin Prep Outweighs All

Skin preparation outweighs all. If your base is right, your eye makeup will shine regardless of eye shape. The perfect base is one which Katie believes is kept simple. A maximum of five skin products is key, ensuring that you cleanse every night. But remember, we are all human, we all fall asleep in our makeup once in a while! Essentially, don’t fret about eye shape, embrace the hooded lid and focus on your base!


*Words by Charlotte Hope-Shannon, edited by Lauren Silvester


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