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Feel Good Autumn Colours

Why This Season Is No Longer The

Reserve Of Tobacco & Coffee Tones

Like many, I’ve began shopping much more consciously this year. Despite being 5 months pregnant, the environmental impact, finances and the repel of fast fashion has meant that I’m less inclined to buy what’s ‘in fashion’ and instead, I’m choosing pieces that I truly love.

The other day at Bicester Village, I got chatting to a lady in the toilets. She was trying on a tracksuit and deciding whether or not to return it. She gave me three or four things that she felt was wrong with the fit, yet she was still considering taking it home. When asking my opinion, I answered honestly; “why part with your hard earned cash on something that you aren’t excited to wear?”. It’s probably the first time I have ever advised someone to take something back if they’re not 100% sure.

Like you, I’ve probably thought ‘Ah well, I could do with a new cardigan and this will do’. Why do we shop like that? Why aren’t we focusing on the things that truly spark joy? Well this year, once again, I’ve only been buying things that I truly love and adore, things that I know I will wear time and time again and will get as much pleasure from as I did the first time I wore it. It makes getting ready in the mornings so much easier (and quicker).

So now that Autumn/Winter is here, I’ve carried on and maintained the same approach. I haven’t made my usual beeline towards tobacco and toffee tones (although admittedly some have made their way into my wardrobe). Instead, I’ve mixed and matched pieces together that give me pleasure. Like this gorgeous yellow Nanushka dress and mint green Mango bag.

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*This blog post uses affiliate links both within the content and shopping banners.
**The watch featured is a gifted. I am currently 5 months pregnant but the items featured in this post are all main sizing (not maternity).

I wear my gold necklaces and bracelets almost everyday and this beautiful dress by luxury brand, Nanushka compliments them perfectly. It’s made from soft stretch-knit fabric, and is the only one shoulder dress I own. It’s a beautiful piece for the new season (and great for a baby bump too). To break the look up, I like to introduce a pop of candy colour, like this pleated volume bag from Mango. Right now Mango have so many incredible bags and accessories (not to mention coats and knits) that truly are luxe for less. The bag is a gorgeous mint green shade and works well with neutral palettes (and it’s now in the sale).

There’s so much to be excited about in stores and online right now. Here are some of the new season pieces in feel-good colours that I have my eye on right now…

What’s on your wishlist?

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