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Going Slowly With Fast Fashion


On a serious note (long pensive gaze), fast fashion is becoming a big problem. Some consequences are irreversible. Not only are we making the rich richer (those CEO’s of high street fashion brands aren’t living the high-street fashion life that’s for sure) but we are destroying the planet in the process. To put it bluntly, so much is at stake; our mental health, our savings account and the amount of energy exerted trying to keep up with the latest on your favourite “New In” page. That’s not forgetting the environment, land fills and waste.

Fast fashion is demolishing the world and society.

But before you think ‘oh she’s turned vegan and now wants to stop wearing bras and start a compost heap’, what I’m about to say is coming from my heart. It’s from where my passion for fashion really lies. Ladies, before you get heart palpitations with fear of not seeing your fit postman on a regular basis any more (no not me HONESTLY), hear me out.

You do NOT need new clothes.

Now sure, this may sound like a total first world problem and believe me, I know a lot of people who are on the breadline and cannot afford to shop regularly. Buying clothes is a luxury in itself, I know that. I know some are more fortunate than others. What I’m saying is, spending £20, £10, even £5 on some new tat is just not worth it.

Hands up who is guilty of buying a bag of regret and flammable bits from Primark?

My tips for kicking the fast fashion habit:

1. Unfollow

On social media, unfollow any influencers, brands, reality tv shows, even ‘inspo’ accounts that you feel makes you feel inadequate in the clothes department. Social media is not real life. You’re probably thinking, well hang on, shall I unfollow YOU? Well I hope that you find my content inspiring in the ways I want you to; empowered, confident and thoughtful. Not, sell, buy, splurge, hoard…

2. Unsubscribe

Digital influences don’t end with social media. Newsletters are just as tempting, making you life that chewed nail finger and before you know it, OMG you’ve six items in your basket (well, it is 10% off for today only after all).

3. Follow Repeat Offenders

In a nice way! Instagram is growing with people who are turning their backs on fast fashion. Rental companies are on the rise, swap shops, even influencers who take pride in repeating outfits and mixing and matching with clever styling techniques…

4. Discover Your Best Wardrobe Yet

During my first year in London, I was on a graduate income but living in one of the most expensive areas. Money was tight yet my wardrobe was probably the best I’ve ever had! I got pictured twice in Grazia on their street style pages. How? I’d go out of my way to buy pieces that would work hard. Muted basics, good quality denim and accessories. I had so many outfits because I’d dedicate time to getting it all out and working out new ways of wearing things. Use your imagination.

Featured in this post…


Bag – Taylor Yates

Heels – Jimmy Choo

*Words and Styling by Lauren Silvester, Photography by Zoe Griffin

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