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Review Of The Esteé Lauder Brow Multitasker

& How To Use It Effortlessly

As you know I love Esteé Lauder. So when I saw their new 3 in 1 brow multitasker (£21) I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Right now my eyebrows are on the slightly darker (my natural) side as my hair is back to dark brown so luckily, it comes in 5 shades. I chose black. The product is designed to fit into one neat compact tube so there’s no need for extra brushes and dips and all that nonsense. The idea is to sculpt, shape and define the brows.

Step 1

So on the one end of the tube, there’s a triangular tip pencil which you can twist up and down. No need for pencil sharpening all the time. I use this on both brows to define the arches and add length to the ends. Starting from under and sweeping out for a ^ kind of shape. As I’ve said before, my brows tend to grow above rather than below my brow line so I fill in the gaps too.

Step 2

Next I fill out and blend in the brows using a few light stroked from the sponge-tip brow powder that in the centre of the tube. It’s a super easy applicator with no excess product meaning no drops or spills on the brow and cheek. It enhances the brow shape, filling it out to offer fullness and depth, (below).

Step 3

Finally, groom my hair into shape in an upwards and outwards movement, being sure to catch any stragglers. Here I can see any other gaps or blending that can be done by going back to the powder or pencil. Et voila. Easy, no mess brows in seconds from one product that takes up barely any space in your makeup bag.

What’s your eyebrow routine? Have you tried Esteé Lauder’s 3 in 1 brow multitasker? Xx

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